Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Whipsnappy and wafty; groovy and fearless

A three way tie at the top for Brenphie, Abjaz and Artalie, with Juliette's sparkle-fest finally over. But a shock for sure, seeing Pashel in the dance off! They definitely improved though and the judges voted unanimously to save them.

My favourites of the night: Abjaz, for their superb, very tight tango, great musicality and yes, whipsnappy a perfect description. And Patya, his whole routine was so groovy, really nailed the cheeky cha cha - would like to see him bring his chin up like Darcey said, definitely makes it look a bit odd at times! Moments of pure joy though, loved it.

Dress of the night belonged to Karen, if not dance of the night. Needing more movement in the waltz, Kave did probably the best they could but Karen will start having to challenge him soon. Brenphie danced a gorgeous foxtrot, cheek to cheek, while Antiona worked a rumba with nerves getting her again. Marketa had a ball with the Cha Cha to U Can't Touch This, pure fun.

I loved Asha's armwork, thought them gorgeous - I like wafty too, Bruno. Just wish Ashley would smile more, but he's making it look effortless, this time in the Viennese Waltz. Juliette worked hard as usual  but we all knew his salsa wasn't going to be enough. Pashel still losing focus, this time in quickstep and it cost her - clearly not getting away with it, whatever Bruno says. And then falling off his chair: I LOVE THIS SHOW! Bentina showing some good arm work and impressive, fearless throwing around of Kristina, although I would've liked to see a lot more basic salsa steps.

Robrah's jive footwork and bounce looked so much better in training, it's a shame it didn't translate to the live show but, hey, it was a Eurovision flashback so who cares? Artalie were fantastic and snazzy but I agree with Len - far too much out of hold for a quickstep. And finally, Kevanna, full of gusto again but just needed to be a touch more fluid.

So what do we deduce then, following the dance off? Well, clearly Mark, Dave, Fiona and Deborah were more popular than Rachel. So, Mr. Bookie, what do you make of that then? Seven points for bottom couple, out of a maximum 13? We're going to see a lot more shocks I think, as the remaining couples are all capable of being in the mid-late 20s.

The tightest series yet? See all the dances again to make up your mind. Until 6.30pm on Saturday, ttfn x

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  1. There are rather a lot of couples scoring the same aren't there Scatty?! Will certainly make for a more interesting show once the numbers start dwindling I think.

    Almost completely in sync yet again Scatty - though I wasn't as impressed by Patrick as you were it seems :o) LOVED Mark - completely genius routine from Iveta! :o)

    I don't think the strange song choice helped Fiona much to be honest and also disappointed that Deborah seemed to lose a little bit of the bounce she had in training.

    Loving Susannah (and my lovely Kevin) as usual ;o)

    Must be Halloween week soon - I love a good theme night :o)