Friday, 18 October 2013

Sweating like a dumpling in a stock pot

Quote of the week up there, courtesy of Dave. Spared the dance off as People's Champion, it was Janessa we said farewell to, in what was a very close week. Fourteen couples but the one at the bottom on six points!

Kevanna again a favourite this week, just that shoulder needing a nudge downwards but otherwise simply lovely movement and flow in their waltz. Asha also impressed, the samba can be a real wreck but his was full of bounce and rhythm, likewise Brenphie, although we could've seen a little more abandon, maybe. Loved Bentina's rumba - great partnering, steady and secure, fluid and connected. Artalie were again magnificent in the rumba, she certainly knows how to work it. Patya rocking the Nat King Cole foxtrot but could've done with more movement around the floor and a little more swing and sway - and oh, Craig - almost word for word. My brother from another mother! Lovely quickstep from Robrah, full of joy.

Kave had great Paso attitude all the way through; Karen is becoming one of my favourite pros. Abjaz with great energy in the jive although Abbey needs to get on the balls of her feet. Antiona's charming waltz - she has lovely arms, and Pashel have clearly been studying cha cha technique, although I still think her hips looked a bit forced. A delightful yet liftless American Smooth for Marketa.

So it was Juliette in the dance off once again, this time with Janessa and both improved on their jive and tango respectively, technique may be lacking but there's no denying they get stuck into the spirit of the dance. I think Julien's more natural feel for dance is what got him the nod over Vanessa.

The pro dance choreographers - I think they take it in turns - are really on it. Another fantastic routine with high flying Iveta, so moving to Whitney's I Have Nothing. Andrea's vocals too, stunning.

All the gossip and the clips can be found on the website. In the meantime, I'll apologize for the lateness of this year's blog. I'm working on some writing for a charity book and have just finished co-ordinating a literature festival, so my focus isn't fully on it this year and - fair warning being given - I may have to take a break with it to focus on developing the Litfest next year. But for now, we'll always have the custard pies.


  1. I can't help feeling a little sorry for Julien. It's been a long while since the public didn't give someone a reprieve once they had been in the dance-off at the start of the series! Didn't think he was too bad, just a shame about the timing issues.

    Totally and utterly love Susannah (and Kevin *ahem*) and I must admit I enjoyed Natalie's Rumba. Mark is becoming my runaway favourite though - love, love, love him! He just makes me smile, which can never be a bad thing :o)

    Good luck with your book Scatty - I'm sure it'll be magnificent seeing as how you're such an eloquent writer! :o) I can always have a good gossip with the girls in the office if I need a fix ;o)

  2. Aw, thank you Foxy. I'll still be keeping it up for this series *she says hopefully*!