Sunday, 8 September 2013

Strictly Come Dancing: Couples Reveal

You know it's Strictly time again when you're sat in front of the telly wearing a happy smile and sequins, eating cake and watching a sparkly extravaganza with a warm fuzzy feeling.

And this is just the launch, where we find out the couples! The show proper gets under way on Friday, September 27th.

In the meantime, cast your eyes over the pairings - who do you think has the chemistry, skill and personality to go all the way this year? Will we have a slow burner again like Louis, or a stand out turn from week one, like Alesha? As always, I've portmanteauxed the names so I don't get arm ache ...

Brendan and Sophie (Brephie)
Vanessa and James (Janessa)
Rachel and Pasha (Pashel)
Deborah and Robin (Robrah)
Karen and Dave (Kave)
Kevin and Susanna (Kevanna)
Iveta and Mark (Marketa)
Anton and Fiona (Antiona)
Ola and Ashley (Asha)
Janette and Julien (Juliette)
Aliona and Tony (Toniona)
Artem and Natalie (Artalie)
Kristina and Ben (Bentina)
Abbey and Aljaz (Abjaz)
Anya and Patrick (Patya)

The money will go on Abjaz, Artalie, Asha and Pashel, because the bookies and national press still don't get it. I'll be reserving judgement till I've seen them all dance a ballroom and a Latin and found out about their work ethic, chemistry, personality and how they cope with the pressure.

On first glimpses, new pro Kevin seems a fun bloke, Ben's been paying attention to his arms, Natalie was very confident and Tony was totally enjoying the moment. Without exception, they were all loving it. Three weeks to wait? That's far too long, naughty Beeb!


  1. 3 weeks seems like an eternity!

    Really does look like a great group this year - thrilled that Anton got Fiona Fullerton! His very own bond girl :o)

    Tough to tell after only the group dance, so I am reserving judgement as usual. Quite a few good movers it seems. Though Rachel looked a little tentative. I think she is going to be one of those that has to battle her nerves early on.

    All of the new pros seem enthusiastic and I'm really looking forward to seeing how they get on - already think Kevin is sweet! :o)

    Back in that zone whereby every song on the radio is accompanied my a few minutes mulling over which dance it would suit, meaning I miss the song! Lol Can't help myself :o)

  2. Nothing less than Anton deserves :)

    Agree about Rachel, and yes, already my head is full of moves whenever certain songs come on - roll on Series 11 proper, woohoo!