Monday, 2 September 2013

Strictly Come Dancing - The Class of 2013!

Darcey Bussell put an end to all the speculation, thankfully, revealing this year's line up on The One Show.

There's the usual mix of someone for everyone, from sport to fashion, to pop and food. Our contenders are:

Our excitable darling of the wardrobe, Julien Macdonald couldn't have taken much persuading - there's a little dance history there, before the fashion design skills showed up, so he could be one to watch on the dance floor as well as being adorable and funny.

Abbey Clancy, best known as WAG to Peter Crouch, will have to win us over by proving she's not just a pretty face - always much harder for the stunners, because the tabloids just presume they'll be elegant and sexy. And we know it doesn't work like that, so good luck Abbey.

Ashley Taylor-Dawson would have been a 'Who?' for me, but for the fact that friend and fellow Rochester Litfest personage, actress Emma Dewhurst, was in Hollyoaks recently! So I suppose I shall find myself kinda rooting for him by association and not because he appears to be quite hot *coughs* so that's all good.

World cup winning rugby player Ben Cohen joins and for once we have a sportsman with no fear of getting his kit off and the spray tan on! Star of numerous calendars and nothing-but-pants advertising, Ben will hopefully be letting himself go early on.

Dave Myers, hairy biker and foodie could split fans. On one hand, his diet cook book knocked Fifty Shades of Grey off the top spot, and on the other hand, his diet cook book knocked Fifty Shades of Grey off the top spot.  He can trip up, go the wrong way and have a major wardrobe malfunction - I shall still sling a vote his way on behalf of writers everywhere.

Dragon's Den entrepreneur, Deborah Meaden takes a break from business for some r'n'r on the dance floor. Straight talking and obviously a major work ethic; her male pro will be happy with that I think.

Isn't it funny how connections pop up? Fiona Fullerton is the person I visualise whenever someone says Alice in Wonderland, which, incidentally, is the theme for the final event in the Rochester Litfest's Other Worlds, Other Voices festival 3-13 October (yeah, best get used to the plugging for the next couple of weeks. Sorry.) And with experience in ballet (we've got half the City of Rochester Symphony Orchestra accompanying a mix of dancers) I'm sure Fiona will be Queen of the Ballroom with no need to call for anyone's head!

Mark Benton is one of those familiar faces I couldn't have put a name to but seen countless times on TV and in film. A recent starring turn as Edna Turnblad in Hairspray the Musical has rekindled hs love of dance - and that's something we all want to see.

I don't watch soaps, so Coronation Street actress Natalie Gumede is a new face to me. The Street stars don't generally do as well as the Walford lot, though; be interesting to see if Natalie can get an extended run.

Patrick Robinson loves to dance and will try anything so, Woohoo! A funky soul fan like myself, I will be expecting Great Things in the Latin, Patrick - no pressure :)

Numbers queen (cue lots of scoreboard related remarks) Rachel Riley from Countdown loves a bit of bling but is concerned, as an Essex girl, that the spray tan will put her in the stereotype bracket. No-one would've known if you hadn't said anything!

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has music in her soul and loves to shake her groove thing. I'm desperately trying not to mention her biggest hit, oh, but hang it - I'm sure it won't be Murder on the Dancefloor where Sophie's concerned. *hangs head in shame*

Newsreaders have always done well, with the public if not always with the judges, so Susanna Reid stands a good chance of a decent stint. We love it when they do Children in Need; that may be where our affection for them as a genre comes from.

Tony Jacklin, golfing legend - didn't see that one coming, did we? Will he be putting Craig in his place? Can he drive off across the dance floor? Will he end up doing the Birdie Dance? And so on ... yes, I'll still be here next week.

And finally, TV presenter Vanessa Feltz makes the number up to 15. The chat queen will have plenty to say - but she'll need to listen to her partner and learn when to button it if she's to get on.

In other news, Aliona Vilani, who'd lost her place in the pro line up this year, has had a reprieve. Sadly, it's due to Natalie Lowe fracturing her foot and being forced to rest up. Pretty gutted, as Natalie is such a fantastic choreographer and did such a brilliant job with Michael Vaughan last year. Get well soon!

Two more professionals have also joined: Anya Garnis and Kevin Clifton.

There's a short Red Carpet show on the red button on Wednesday at 6pm, with the launch proper on Saturday night, 6.50pm BBC One.

Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep dancing!


  1. Hellooooooo :o)

    Sorry I've been a bit absent Scatty. My dad turned 60, we moved house and I managed to fall down the stairs and hurt myself, so August has been something of an eventful month to say the least!

    My fellow superfans and I are delighted to see Julien Macdonald in the line up as he's completely bonkers! Will definitely be rooting for him. Got back into Casualty in the last year, so I'll be rooting for Patrick too :o)

    All in all it looks a pretty good class this year. Lots of people I'll enjoy watching. Must admit the only one I'd never heard of was Tony Jacklin, but then I'm not a golf fan.

    Sad to hear Natalie has had to pull out after breaking her foot, but I'll still be tuning in to see who's paired with who.

    They better not be giving Vanessa to Anton!! How about a decent partner for him this year eh ;o)

  2. Oh goodness Foxy, hope you're all right x Tony Jacklin was the pin up boy of golf a long long time ago,lol! A good bunch, and yes, fingers crossed for Anton :)

  3. Am much better now thanks Scatty :o)

    Ahh, that might explain my mums excitement at seeing Tony Jacklin's name! lol