Thursday, 19 September 2013

Dance like everyone's watching!

There's another dance movie due out in 2014 - because we just can't get enough! This one takes it's cue, ever so slightly, from the classic West Side Story update of Romeo and Juliet (but hopefully without the tragic ending!) and sits somewhere between Pitch Perfect and Save The Last Dance meets The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Platinum: The Dance Movie  from Across The Floor Productions, promises a tongue-in-cheek romantic comedy set against the backdrop of competitive dancing. The star-crossed lovers on this occasion are Brandon (Shane Harper Good Luck Charlie) and Jasmine (Kathryn McCormick Step Up 4) rivals for the $25,000 top prize of the Platinum Platinum.

Excitingly, the choreographers on board for this include the completely awesome NappyTabs - Outta Your Mind and Mad (see Fave dances below) - as well as the likes of Kent Boyd, Mark Goodman and Mandy Moore.

Just to give you a taster and whet your appetite further, there's a whole bunch of behind the scenes videos on Youtube, plus you can connect with the team on Twitter and Facebook. See you at the premiere!

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