Monday, 17 June 2013

The Voice: Semi Finals

Not one but perhaps two shocks? I thought Joseph would have made it through but it looks like Tom's earlier instinct was correct with Mike. And if left to Jessie, I'm pretty sure Ash would be sitting pretty in the final, although on the night I have to say I also preferred Matt.

Our finalists then: the Gentle Folky sound of Andrea, whose pure vocal again created goosebumps, versus Country Boy Mike, with that lovely tone that's gotten stronger each week, versus Soul Boy Matt, as watchable as he is listenable, versus In-A-Genre-All-Her-Own Leah, smashing it again. I agree with Jessie though - a safe song for her. They couldn't be more different and we have no idea who the public are favouring. Isn't that fantastic?

The team performances were also a major contrast. Jessie and her boys just saaaaang it; Danny has a knack of choosing great songs to show them off and delivered again; Tom tended to drown out his two and as for Will? Love him to bits but that was pants by the girls, it was fun but Will was the star.

Losing Ash was a blow to my team, but appearances suggest Jessie will not let him fade away. I'm left with just Leah although Cleo went out fighting, giving it everything. Karl seems assured of support from Danny, while Will told Joseph and Cleo he wanted to work with them.

Relive the semi final performances again here. The final begins at 7.15pm, see you then :)


  1. My team was totally wiped out on Saturday!! Gutted Ash went out :o( And I was really shocked that the public have backed Mike. They must be hearing something I haven't yet. Similarly with Leah - she's a little screechy for me Scatty, sorry.

    I'm sure it'll be an impressive final in any case......would enjoy it more if I still had an act left though ;o)

  2. Leah sold me with the Minnie Ripperton tribute - that song was on the very first album I bought! I'm looking forward to a very varied show with no karaoke songs :)