Friday, 14 June 2013

The Voice: Quarter Finals

It's public vote all the way tomorrow - who'll be the shock exit, I wonder?

My team of four are intact: Joseph; Leah; Cleo and Ash, although that will definitely be reduced to three at most, since both Leah and Cleo are Team Will. And since Leah went to no.3 in the downloads this week with her awesome rendition of I Will Survive, I'm pretty sure it'll be her going through. Star of the week again for me.

Joining Leah in the Semi's on a Fast Pass were Ash (Lego House, good interpretation), Andrea (Hey Ho, got the place rocking) and Joseph (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher, didn't blow me away as much as I thought it would).

Through on the public vote were Cleo (Imagine, brave and great to just hear her sing) Karl (A Thousand Years, quite lovely) Mike (When I Was Your Man, the best I've heard him) and Matt (Wonder, such amazing presence).

Out went Sarah and Leanne, both given high tempo so so songs (Love Sensation and  Where Have You Been respectively) which showed off their voices but didn't capture emotionally, whereas Alys did turn Jamaican reggae into Welsh folk but with a few wobbles (Is This Love) and Mitchel, the best of them, with a terrific performance of Radioactive, full of energy and confidence.

Song choices will have a major impact tomorrow, let's hope they choose wisely!


  1. I am sadly down to three (Ash, Joseph and Karl) having lost Alys last week. Ash is till my favourite! :o)

    I agree Scatty, song choice is going to make or break it for them tomorrow. Fingers crossed for some good choices form the coaches. To be honest, I'll be happy of they pick better songs for the group performances than they did last year!

  2. I'm not going to mention Rapture ... oh.