Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Voice: Knockout Rounds

Last weekend saw the coaches cull their teams down to three each. By and large you couldn't argue with their decisions, although I lost a lot of my favourites *sad face* And most of the performers excelled, making their coaches decision much tougher than anticipated.

Due to the odd number, each team had one member sail through on a Fast Pass to the live shows. They were able to show off what they can do at the end of their team's section. For Team Will, Leah was the Chosen One, with the absolute best performance of the night for me, singing Minnie Ripperton's Loving You and making it her own. Goosebump City, absolutely stunning.

Tom chose Mike Ward and while he's a nice guy, I thought vocally he was one of the weakest. Danny sent Karl through, whose performance didn't really set me alight, while Jessie opted for Ash, who did well with Beyonce's Sweet Dreams but I think can do better.

The one that got away - best performance that didn't make it through was Trevor (Team Jessie), who was awesome, losing out to Sarah, who I again found too screechy. Danny, sadly, never got into his stride. Tom and the other coaches were a little perplexed, because Trevor was That Awesome, with a fantastic song choice delivered perfectly.

Revelation of the night was Alex (Danny's steal) who I actually preferred to Andrea and Abi. His lower register was actually quite lovely, although he did most in the falsetto - but he was in tune this time! It was always going to be Andrea though, the emotional response she induces in Danny (blubbing like a baby) sending her through. Connor's energy wasn't enough to counter the power of Mitchel, sent through to join Andrea and Karl, though Sean ran him close, his version of Ain't No Sunshine the best I've heard him.

Jessie's other group was just as tough, Lovelle's lovely tone and unusual vocal not enough to oust Matt, who was just On It. Letitia was more confident but the vocal lacked a little something. My fave, Jamie (Team Tom), lost out to Alys, but no complaints because her voice too is wonderful. Cherelle gave her best performance, although lost her way a little halfway through.

And we lost one of the Medway boys, as Adam was up against Joseph and Ragsy in Team Tom's other battle. All three were excellent but Joseph has that special indefinable something and duly made it through.

Disappointment of the night was losing Moni, who only had to repeat his rehearsal for Will to put him through. But he went over the top, and Leanne's stunning vocal gave her the nod. Jordan was terrific too, and a close third. Cleo was succesful over Lem and John - although, had Jessie not intervened, I think Will may have put Lem through. He has a special quality too, although  enjoyed Cleo's scatting.

The Teams:
Tom - Alys, Mike and Joseph
Jessie - Ash, Sarah and Matt
Danny - Andrea, Karl and Mitchel
Will - Leah, Cleo and Leanne. He can at least call them all together at once: Cleahanne.

The remnants of my nine, sadly reduced to a measly four: Ash, Joseph, Leah and Cleo.

The live quarter final is this Friday at 7pm. If you want to re-live the knockout performances, you'll find them all here.


  1. I'm reduced to four as well Scatty - Ash, Joseph, Alys and Karl. Ash is till my favourite even he hasn't managed to match his audition yet. I'm sure we'll see the real him in the live shows :o)

    Tom choosing Mike to go straight through was shock of the weekend for me - didn't see it coming at all! And I agree with you, his performance did leave us thinking 'why did Tom pick this guy?'

    Sad to see Trevor go as I thought he was easily the best in his group - I also find Sarah a bit too nasal and screechy.

    First live show tomorrow and each team will lose one - bring on the pressure! :o)

  2. Dunno where the time went Foxy but I haven't even watched last this week yet! Looking forward to it though. :)