Thursday, 27 June 2013

A win for Danny's Team: Andrea Begley is The Voice

Was it a shock? Really? The moment Jessie told everyone to Vote Leah was probably the turning point, cos us viewers are a bit funny like that.

I think it will always be the most mainstream artist to win - the demographic of the audience suggests it. But like last year, all the finalists will get their shot.

Andrea is a deserving winner, any of them would have been. With the right songs she'll gain an appreciative audience, and Danny has proven himself when it comes to the right songs. I wouldn't say she blew me away on the night, but I could definitely sit and listen to an album quite happily. Ho Hey was my favourite by her.

Leah did blow me away with the extended version of Lovin' You. The way her voice soars and dips I find incredibly moving, although I wasn't so sure of I Will Always Love You, a good start gave way to a bit of dodgy section, I thought. As for the duet, fantastic production but really dear Will, a little bit indulgent, maybe? More Leah, less Will next time, eh? But I loved her dad. I reckon he probably got as many votes as she did.

Mike did well but I guess it's not really my thang. But if there is a market for country here, he will do well. Biggest shock and final 'One that got away' was undoubtedly Matt, who won the first and second rounds for me, by far the strongest performances. My only explanation is that soul singers are less of a novelty now, it could have easily been Trevor up there. Only topped by Leah's Lovin' You as far as the performances on the night go.

So there we go, over for another year and I can hopefully get back to more straight dance news. In fact, I'm musing on changing the blog ever-so-slightly so it can be a bit more consistent on the dance/theatre front, with less on the reality shows - the Sleeping Beauty post I did recently proved to be far more popular!

So I shall see you soon, probably with a few snippets while I decide how to re-design. Not sure I can part with the Glitter Balls though ...


  1. Never part with the Glitter Balls Scatty!

    I was a bit surprised it went to Andrea - I think maybe her story and the fact that most of Leah's songs stayed in her high range probably helped her.

    Matt was actually the most impressive of the four for me, so it's a shame he made an early exit.

    Ah well......only a few months till SCD's next line up is announced! :o)

  2. Matt was definitely the most consistent. Yes, ticking off the dates till SCD :)