Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Voice: Bring on the Battles!

All the teams are complete - especially mine, for which I've decided to ignore all the rules and have 14. Because I don't actually count, see, it's all just pretend!

Successfully through and who impressed me enough to swivel were Moni Tivony (Team Will), bravely going for Bob Marley and seriously impressing me and all four coaches - I reckon he could sing anything, really strong vocally; Abi Sempa, East meets West to great effect, thought her vocal simply lovely. Tom was twitching and finally Danny went. Good man - she completes his team. Gillingham lad, Joseph Apostol I thought would be Jessie all the way - his diction coupled with a beautiful voice saw her turn, but along with Tom - and Joe's mum's a big Tom fan ... he completes Team Tom. Jessie nabbed the other Medway lad, Chatham's Adam Barron, whose voice reminded me of a more gravelly Lou Rawls. The girlfriend needs to control herself though, really, that was a bit embarrassing. He won't die if he doesn't make it, chill out!

The ones I need to hear more of: CJ Edwards, the final auditionee and Will's last chance - I loved the hand claps at the start but I'm not sure how strong he is vocally, although he certainly has charisma. Letitia Grant-Brown (Team Jessie), controlled passion, quite raw, odd duff notes, impressively mature for a 17 year old. John Pritchard (Team Will) was quite different, I liked then I didn't then I did - didn't like the screechy ending.

The one that got away BIG TIME: Bronwen Lewis - a shame that Will and Jessie felt they had similar already, she had a lovely, original tone - Danny and Tom both upset they couldn't go.

The 'Nos': Adenike never hit the notes she needed due to nerves; Danny Foster (ex-Hearsay), although imaginatively reinventing a Spice Girls' song, and Jay Aston (ex-Bucks Fizz), just weren't vocally strong enough, while Brett Davison was far too boy-bandy. Others just not outstanding enough included Sophie Mendoza, Georgia Thursting, Julie Gordon, Rita Payne, Laine Hines and Rob Reynolds. The most gorgeous voice not to get through belonged to Gemma Louise Edwards, opera singer - but with an operatic duo already in his team and he the only coach with a spot left, Will just couldn't take her on.

So we're ready for the Battle Rounds! And this is where it can all get a bit canny, with The Twist! Acts the coaches were hankering after but didn't get could well be jettisoned by their existing coach, so will they pounce and steal someone at the expense of one of their own? These are the teams as they stand now, and my team is beyond complete: Abi; Nadeem; Paul; Ricardo; Adam; Ash, De'Vide; Lem; Jamie; Joseph; Carla&Barbara; Cleo; Leah; Moni.

Till next week :)


  1. Tut tut Scatty - I've stuck to the rules and got a team of 12 ;o)

    Team Foxy = Joseph Apostol, Nate James, Jamie Bruce, Ash Morgan, Ragsy, Trevor Francis, Conor Scott, Karl Michael, Smith & Jones, Barbara & Carla, Letitia Grant-Brown and Alys Williams.

    I was so cross when Bronwen Lewis was rejected! I was shouting at the tv - 'the number of crap acts you've turned for and you're seriously going to reject this girl?! What's wrong with you?!' grr I hope she returns next year for a second chance a la Alys.

    My understanding is that all the coaches have a chance to steal a rejected act from another team, but will still have six acts from their own team battles. So every coach will go into the lives with seven acts. Should be interesting as by the look of it they're going to fight over the same ones.

  2. A chance for acts rejected by the coach they chose, to go with the one they didn't, maybe? I tried to restrict myself Foxy, I truly did, for at least a nanosecond ;)