Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Voice: Battles Weekend 2

It's all very well having a mammoth two hour show, but with the cutting out of all the non-essential chit chat (I know, I told them to do that) I'm watching with crossed legs ...

Travesty of the night was Alex getting through, where other much better voices didn't. What was Danny thinking? But with four acts leaving from each team next week, I guess it won't make much difference. I'll just hope my nine are among the twelve left standing: Abi; Adam; Ash; Lem; Jamie: Joseph; Leah; Cleo and Moni.

Team Danny went from hosting four of mine to just one - and unless Abi can be more commanding on stage, she won't last. He chose Mitchel over Ricardo, Abi over Laura, Sean over Paul and Karl over Nadeem. Mitchel deserved it, much as I'd have like to hear more from Ricardo. Laura I really enjoyed but want to see how far they can push the Ragga with Abi. Paul for me was just more exciting than Sean, while Nadeem's tone was so lovely and his vocal so pure, against the boy-bandish sound of Karl.

Team Tom were all fantastic and apart from Joseph v Diva really could have gone any way. A lovely country love story from Emma Jade and Mike saw Mike just get the nod, while Alys's more unusual voice took her through over Lareena. Ragsy and Colin were excellent, light and shade and really strong - I thought Colin might nick it but no, Ragsy got the vote. Diva are wonderful but Joseph just outshone them.

So far, so strong - Tom and Danny nail the song choices for their acts to bring out the best in them. If only we could say the same for Jessie and Will!

Mary J Blige, Jessie? Really - lots of attitude needed but Alex was merely annoying and Letitia intimidated. Never really got going. Letitia the far better vocally and Jessie puts her through - leaving Will and Danny to fight over Alex??! It's just ... weird. On the other hand/complete opposite end of the scale/and other cliches - Trevor versus Lem was bloody awesome, with a fantastic song choice they clearly both relished: Soul Man. Super epic battle, Trevor put through; Lem stolen by Will. Eventually. Jeez, Will, take your time!

Will, for some inexcusable reason, gave Liam and John the Phil Collins/Philip Bailey song, Easy Lover. The other coaches shared my *eek* at that. I couldn't choose between them, due to the screechyness. John is taken through; Jessie upset she can't steal Liam. Who I didn't take to, really, after initially liking him. Will made up for it with Emily v Moni which was another barnstormer and could have gone either way. The performance of Moni gets it - Emily's an artist, I'm sure she'll do well.

You can see all the battles on the website. The first of the knockout rounds airs at 8.30pm on Saturday; the second at 7.15pm on Sunday. Each act gets to choose their own 'killer' song they hope will see them through. Till then :)


  1. Snap Scatty - I also have nine acts remaining as all six of the ones performing this weekend survived!

    Team Foxy = Joseph Apostol, Jamie Bruce, Ash Morgan, Ragsy, Trevor Francis, Conor Scott, Karl Michael, Letitia Grant-Brown and Alys Williams.

    Actually jumped up and screamed 'WHAAAAAT?!' when both Danny and Will tried to steal Alex. They are clearly hearing something that we still aren't.

    Even though she's not on my team Abi is growing on me - her voice was better on Saturday than in her audition and I do like the cultural influence she adds to her singing.

    Jessie is starting to really get on my nerves. Felt like slapping her and telling her to pull herself together a couple of times on Saturday. Drama queen much!

    Looks rather like the knockouts are just the battles re-hashed (going on the clip of Reggie asking Jessie who has won), but hopefully it'll be more interesting than I'm expecting :o)

  2. I'm rather wishing I had Trevor on my team - thought he was stunning. But I can't wait to see if Danny can do something with Alex that makes me appreciate him they way the coaches do!