Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Voice: Battles Weekend 1

There were the epic ones, the so-so ones and a couple that made you want to gauge out your ears with a spoon.

In the epic category was Jamie versus LB - plus the added bonus in rehearsal of Tom showing his mastery, with the U2/BB King song When Love Comes To Town. Both compelling performers, LB sweet but Jamie's power just edged it for me. Three coaches plumped for LB but the man that mattered - Tom - chose Jamie: "I think I can see something that the other coaches can't." And then no-one stole LB, sadly.

Also at battle standard was Matt versus Jordan, with the dreaded Stevie Wonder Song of Death - doing a fabulous job with my samba song, Do I Do. Matt much more comfortable on stage - love the slide- Jordan so controlled vocally. Coaches split, Will takes Jordan through and Jessie steals Matt: "I have him nooow!"

Ash versus Adam was another power performance, but with a beautiful James Morrison song I Won't Let You Go, allowing them to both saaaannng, as Jessie would say. A close decision, won by Ash but with Danny already saying he would steal - Tom is chosen by Adam though, as he's listened to his music most.

Last of the battles I really enjoyed saw Leah versus CJ, with The Way You Make Me Feel, their interplay and dynamic was great and charismatic though CJ is, Leah definitely has more potential overall, vocally. Will duly takes her through but we lose CJ.

Good performances with not much to choose between them saw Andrea triumph over Alice, her raw emotion giving her the decision; Leanne beat Barbara & Carla, who to be fair, none of the coaches knew what to do with, all three showing their fantastic range, albeit with karaoke favourite 'Hero'. The much improved Cherelle got Tom's vote over the the accomplished Elise, surprisingly not stolen. I loved the falsetto/rap combo of De'Vide but Danny was Jessie's pick. Lovelle and Nate didn't quite give me the goosebumps I was hoping for, with No Air, although mighty close. Lovelle was my choice, and it was she who Jessie put through. Conor just nicked it for me, up against duo Smith and Jones, all of whom though sounded lovely. Danny agreed but no-one stole the couple.

Over in the *my ears, my ears* corner, due to a couple of shocking song choices by Jessie and Will, respectively, was Sarah v Katie with Katy Perry's 'E.T' which was a god-awful dirge fest so bad, I left it to go and check on my spuds. Two good voices, thoroughly ruined. Sarah got the nod; Katie bravely criticised the song, thus ensuring no-one stole her. And as for Nu Tarna v Cleo ... jeez, it was a case 'Finally' when it ended. What a racket. The mouthy one in Nu-Tarna needs to learn that being loud and shouty doesn't = personality. Cleo did enough to justify Will's choice. I'll hope for better from her next time.

So my team has lost two and now stands at twelve: Abi; Nadeem; Paul; Ricardo; Adam; Ash; Lem; Jamie; Joseph; Leah; Cleo and Moni.

Catch all the clips on the website and don't think it's all gone to pot when you tune in this week - it's Eurovision. The Voice will be back the week after. Till then folks.


  1. Half of Team Foxy performed last weekend (two against each other sadly! grr) and I came out with three through, three out and six left to perform this weekend.

    Sad to see Barbara & Carla and Nate go, but neither act really got hold of the opportunity they had, and whilst giving a good performance, didn't quite have the same wow that made me turn for them in the auditions.

    Would have loved to see both Conor and Smith & Jones through as I think both have a bit of individuality to bring to the live shows, but it wasn't meant to be.

    The battle between Cleo and Nu Tarna is hands down the worst thing I have heard on this show so far in two series - absolutely shocking!! Please note for the future ladies: screaming is not singing, its screaming. Totally and completely appalling. Frankly neither act deserved to go through!

    Felt sorry for Katie as actually I agreed that the song choice wasn't a great platform for her particular voice.

    Was worried for second that Jamie and Ash weren't going to get through, the latter being my favourite act in the competition. Come on Ash! :o)

  2. I think I'm on a loser this week - so many of mine yet to perform!