Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Voice: Almost there ...

My team is nearing completion, as a few Soul Men made it on there tonight! And the show seems to be swinging along a lot quicker now, thank you PTB, with less chat and more audition time.

Builder and landscaper carpet fitting chef, Jamie Bruce got an oh, yes from me, with a voice like Galaxy silk - first time I've been quite moved. Sweet yet raw, powerful yet subtle, get in my team, you! Will or Tom? He seems like a Tom guy but ... yes, he joins Tom.

Ricardo Afonso (Team Danny) had a similar effect, all groovy and got the coaches rocking. He's got a lovely little kid too, and a touch of Hugh Jackman about him, so what's not to love. Oh, he's a West Ham fan too! Ah, no #hearingaidforDanny. And then up stepped Paul Carden, another strong but smooth more on the rock side of things, he also made Team Danny - I'd like to hear him really stretch himself.

And I would have loved to have heard more of De'Vide, the singer/rap duo; Jessie did hear enough and took them in, I'm happy to gamble. Jessie also turned (eventually) for Nate James, a name some of us knew. Like him but thought the song choice shocking and it nearly cost him. Will chose this audition to confirm that he is officially nuts.

Jordan Lee Davis brought forth a "Well, I wasn't expecting that!" So different and really deserved a shot - Will and Danny finally turned to give him it and Will nabbed him. And Tom took on the clearly talented but nervous-as-hell-so-she-missed-her-music-cue-on-a-really-dodgy-song-choice Cherelle Basquine. Great potential if she gets it right. And Tom also took Colin Chisholm, proper rock singer aiming for a second stab at fame, after a previously taste of it with the Bilbo Baggins Band. His voice certainly had a ring to it although I found it a bit middle-of-the-earth. But he certainly wasn't dwarfed by the other performers, although his hair is a bit of an elf and safety issue on its own. You can groan now.

The Yes But Nahs - there were quite a lot. Good, but didn't make me swivel: Sean Rumsey and Alice Barlow both impressed Danny sufficiently though, as Nutarna did Will. But the long haired one is getting on my nerves already. Lareena Mitchell had Tom written all over her. Really, they pinned her down and used marker pens all over, just so he got the hint. Ok, not really. And no, it's not Leanne Mitchell come back re-incarnated or anything.

The Nos: Contestant no-name we all thought was a girl was a boy who sadly went as flat as a three day old bottle of lemonade with the top off. Katie Evans, not strong enough; Gemma Marshall, we just didn't hear enough; Eva Iglesias (any relation, we wonder?) shouty club singer; Em Brulee. Seriously. If everyone she knows isn't calling her Crem then clearly this nation has lost its sense of humour. Ant Henson, weak; Cassie Chan, again not enough heard and Gill Forster, good but we've heard similar before.

The Ones That Got Away - I was willing the coaches to turn for these, thought they had great voices and sounded original: Charlie Ryan, who they thought was two people, such was his range; Aret Kapetanovic was way better and different from some they've put through, so I was pretty shocked no-one turned. I disagree with Tom that you should sing how you look - you should be yourself and have your own style in both. Wear what you wear, sing what you sing - who wants to be labelled?

Only seven spots remain now - Danny and Tom just one place left in their teams, Jessie with two and Will with three. See them all here. I've added Jamie Bruce, Ricardo Afonso, De'Vide and Paul Carden to Nadeem, Ash, Lem, Carla&Barbara, Cleo and Leah, leaving me just two spots.

Did you play the Predictor game last week? I did and got five out of six correct, so I'm feeling rather smug - I may even do it again. Till next time :)


  1. I'm up to 10 in total on my team after adding Nate James and Jamie Bruce :o)

    I was thinking the same thing about Eva Iglesias - maybe there is a realtion there ;o) and I also agree with you re Tom's comments to Aret. I thought the whole point was to sing as you and not try and be somehting you're not! :o/

    Will has had me in stitches more so than last year so far this series - I really hope he retains his crazy edge! Lol :o)

    Just one more audition show to go and then the battle rounds!! :o)

  2. There's a local lad in the last one - hope he's made it through. And hope he's not terrible cos I feel obliged to have him in my team!