Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Voice: Not The Age. Or The Appearance.

Exactly - it's not about age or appearance, so why, when the coaches don't turn for The Voice, they regret it on finding out The Age or liking The Appearance. And we're getting sob stories! Stop it, stop it NOW! Before it's too late.

Because, I have to be honest - no-one is setting it alight right now. The first line from Trevor Francis (Team Jessie) got me, but as it went on the voice didn't go where I expected it to, so he's in the 'Through but need to hear again' category. Likewise, Emma Jane Garbutt (Team Tom), dipped in and out but a lot of potential. Smith & Jones Katie (isn't she just the spitting image of Charlotte Scally from SYTYCD Series 2?)& Harry harmonized well, though Katie was clearly the stronger. It'll be interesting to see what they can do as part of Team Danny.

Those I swivelled for (but still not completely blown away) Nadeem Leigh - perfect for Danny, a quiet emotive voice and there were some goosebumps. Alys Williams, an unusual voice, and again, I thought Danny, but she stayed loyal to her Welsh roots ... eventually (like, 3 weeks later) and went with Tom. I preferred the lower register of Liam Tamne (Team Will) and though the falsetto was great, I hope we don't get it all the time. He could be a favourite but for that. Ragsy brought food as well as a nice voice, so that's a yes from me and he joins Team Tom.

The Yes But No Buts: Alex Buchanan. Really? All four? What were they thinking? From where I was he was so completely out of tune all through, it was painful! I was in the kitchen but still ... He chose Jessie.

The coaches said 'No' to ex-Soul To Soul girl Kim Mazelle - wrong song, never able to let loose, sadly. And to Mick Dixon, who began too weakly, should have built it and stayed there. But he's the youngster they got hung up on, so plenty of time. Sam Hollyman was a bit breathy and not particularly musical, while Lorraine Crosby has lost a bit since the heady days of Meatoaf success.

I'm going to say it again before I get to the point of Not Watching - speed it up, show more auditionees, the yesses and the nos er, and cut out all the baggage beforehand. Seriously, Mr/s Producer, I'm not even joking ...


  1. I'm starting to get irritated on the extra background we're getting this series as well Scatty! I don' need to know who's doing it for their nan, who's on their last shot at fame etc - just sing yeah!

    My mouth did drop open when Sam appeared - I was at that very concert where he sang with Michael Buble! :o) I recognised him and couldn't think why till they explained lol He was pretty good actually (though not as good as my lovely Michael) - better than last night I'd say. Seemed a bit like he didn't know what style he was really going for :o/

    Have to say, after Ash Morgan being my only yes last week I had several last night! My team is halfway there with 5 already - may have to cut people as time progreses. I would have turned for Trevor, Ragsy, Smith and Jones and Alys.

    Completely agree with you about Alex Buchanan. We couldn't believe it when they all turned round! If he's the lead in Thriller people must be leaving disappointed I reckon.

  2. Looks like we're going to try and steal each other's acts again this year Foxy! Jaye (HenryV I just happen to be signed into at the moment) Community production in Faversham on Nune 15th, if you're around!

  3. Ooh - let me know where and times, and I'll see if I can get there :o) Maybe get some friends along too! :o)

    For a split second I thought I had some kind of stalker on your blog! Lol

  4. Lol, just spotted my typo - that would be June! This is the blog address will all the details - you can take part or audience tickets will be going on sale soon :)