Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Voice: Cleo comin' atcha

What a stunning audition! Cleo Higgins (Team Will) just leapt to the top of my team with a fantastic, all round performance: personality, voice, attitude and also just came across as jolly nice! And anyone who can take on a Beyonce song and make it her own, well - THIS is what this show (and all the others) is actually about! I've watched it another four times since. Can't wait to see what she does next.

So it was a case of "follow that (if you can)" for the rest of them. The Nos: Barry James Thomas, a rocker with a good voice that wasn't different enough; Emma Louise Jackson, another fine voice but the karaoke song choice did her no favours, neither did the Hi De Hi persona. Amy Wilkinson I thought a bit flat and weak; Buble-a-like, nice tone but nothing else; Tartan Guy - eek!

Of the 'Yes's' there's none I thought a bit dodgy. The northern lasses, Diva, chose well, a Barbra Streisand song showing them off. Lots of flirting and fun followed, with them choosing Tom over Jessie. Michael Emms  (Team Danny) was another rock singer, stronger vocal and a performer; Elise Evans had them all turning following her strong audition and chose with her heart (Team Tom). Conor Scott (Team Danny) impressed with Starry Eyed, different but recognisable, think he may need to work on his breathing.

But for Cleo, Leah McFall would've been my favourite tonight. Unique, great tone and quirkyness, liked her a lot. She chose Will, even though he confused the hell out of her going on about ducks. Lovelle Hill is another with a silky tone and crafted notes I really liked - Jessie got her, and Lem Knight, almost stalkerish Jessie fan, was rewarded when Jessie turned for him too. Another unique talent. They really slung some unusual, awesome stuff together tonight. Here's link to the clips, so you can enjoy them again! I played the Predictor game too -  luckily for them, it's already been decided, otherwise I'd have put the mockers on them. Till next time x


  1. I'm really sorry Scatty, but I wasn't that impressed with Cleo *dives behind sofa to avoid flying objects* - good news is that means I won't be stealing her off you ;o)

    Was very hit and miss for me this week. Still unimpressed with the female vocal talent on display, although Diva did make me smile and I did like their harmonies.

    Would've definitely added Conor to my team with Lem as a maybe. So I think I'm up to 6 with 2 maybes - mostly guys so far too!!

    Come on ladies - impress me!!

  2. Aw, it had to happen that we'd disagree one day Foxy, otherwise we'd be thinking we were twins in another life :)