Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Voice: Biker Chic

"There is a bit of a rebellion happening right now with you guys coming on a show like this, but you have to do that to educate the youth on the importance of classical music and real singing."

So said Will, the only coach absolutely confident in taking on opera pairing Barbara and Carla. That, and he promised that in his team, they would always match jackets! He turned on the first notes of The Flower Duet, and for me this is the first genuine exciting combination of artists and coach - it'll be great to see what he does with them and how versatile they can be while retaining their essence. Beautiful, pure vocals, a lovely dynamic between them - all four coaches turned.

The 'No's - Alice Fredenham was 'safe', nice enough but not strong enough, didn't let go. Plus, too much preening and talking. Nick Tatum I think I recalled from the Tourette's programme a while back, where sufferers put on a concert, and I was willing him on. Sadly, the wrong song choice - he'd have been through if the second song counted. Tom Gregory and Laura Prescott were definitely nots. David Kidd was much better as Tom Jones than himself. I did love the woman throwing her knickers at him, complete with shop label still attached! Jessica Steel, after not impressing me personally (a reason why those VTs need to go) really impressed me, especially taking on a song like Don't You Want Me, a brave choice and great interpretation - I was sorry none of them turned.

The 'Yes But No Buts' - Just the one, Sarah Cassidy (Team Jessie) was a bit too screechy for me. And the 'Yes's were all good, but didn't blow me away: Emily Worton, the "middleaged librarian" (her words) I thought Danny would turn for, but it was Will; LV Robinson was very natural and ended up in Team Tom. Laura Oakes seemed too quiet to begin with but grew into it and will be in Team Danny. Likewise, when Karl Michael hit his stride, all four turned for him. It was Danny who got him.

Each team is now at least halfway full - check them out on the website here. My team consists of: Nadeem Leigh; Ash Morgan; Lem Knights; Carla & Barbara; Cleo Higgins and Leah McFall.

Till next time :)


  1. I felt really sorry for Nick. his second song was brilliant and really showed he had a great voic - Argh!

    A few that I liked , but none that really wowed me I suppose. Loved David doing his 'Tom' act! Lol :o)

    My team thus far: Ash Morgan; Ragsy; Trevor Francis; Conor Scott; Karl Michael; Smith & Jones; Barbara & Carla and Alys Williams.My team is evening out between men and women, albeit slowly :o)

    Couldn't decide about LB Robinson and Laura Oakes. Loved her song choice and I thought she was great when her voice was quieter, but then wasn't impressed with the shouting :o/

  2. I'm wondering if they still have the rule whereby if the coaches have any spaces left, they can go back and choose from the no's - maybe Nick will get his chance if that happened.