Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Voice is back!

The Voice boomed back on stage last night, with all four coaches performing a goosebump-raising rock'n'roll medley to warm us up.

A slight variation on the Blind Auditions as we had the drawn out VT for each performer - note to Beeb: Noooooooooooo. Please, shorten them; show us more auditions. We liked that it wasn't X-Factor last year so don't turn it into it this year! I want to judge on their voices but already I was biased towards the community arts worker and the Dogs Trust guy.

But I still like that it's a two way thing - some performers are less nervous through being on a level playing field, while the coaches look a little apprehensive not knowing what to expect.

Those I (metaphorically) swivelled for: Ash Morgan, there was one particularly sweet note, after Jessie had turned, that made me say "Ooh, yes!" Quite raw but I like that. Tom played the Welsh card, but Jessie gets him. Matt Henry, the Gorgeous voice. Passionate, animated. Clever Jessie almost stole him, with her: "What was the main lyric (in your song)?" "I've been saved by a woman," replies Matt. "There you go," she says. But he chooses long lost twin, Will.

The Yes But No Buts: Danny County (Team Jessie) Different but I'm not sure about the strength of his vocal. Leanne Jarvis (Team Will) Great voice but have heard similar before. Jessie reminds her she turned around first - but Will says he turned cooler! Mike Ward (Team Tom) - wasn't expecting C&W, after a VT that implied he'd be rapping. Personally his voice didn't appeal and he didn't finish his words off either, which annoyed me. And the drawn out decision. It's recorded for crying out loud, there's just no need. We're not going anywhere. But we might if you keep doing that.

The ones I need to hear again: Andrea Begley (Team Danny), the Irish songstress, an emotional performance and as Danny said: "From the first line, the mood just changed in the room." Katie Benbow (Team Jessie) had a lovely tone to her voice but clearly no idea how to use it, she completely flummoxed me, as she did Jessie. I'm glad she got through - she could be amazing if they get it right.

The ones who didn't make it: Louis Coupe just didn't have the range but they made his night by asking him to perform Jerry Lee Lewis; you'd have thought from the family reaction that he'd made it through! Only 16, so plenty of time and already written a musical! Kirsty Crawford's voice dropped in and out - less nerves may have just tipped her through, even if she was channelling Bo Bruce's wardrobe. And Anthony Kavanagh found that the music industry demands have moved on since his days of covering Shalamar.

I loved that some of the performers took a gamble and didn't make the obvious coaching choice, and I was about to hate the extended  coaches VT, but Will's was actually very entertaining, so I'm letting them off. But careful, Auntie - there was a hell of a lot of padding, don't push us.

Other than that, the camaraderie is still there and I'm found myself smiling, so this following The Doctor is a good mix for a Saturday night. Unseen footage and the predictor game can be found on the website. Till next time x


  1. Either I was in a bad mood on Saturday or the auditionees really weren't much good.

    The only one I would have definitely turned for was Ash Morgan. Possibly would have turned for Matt or Mike, but not sure to be honest. So far I'm unimpressed with all the ladies who auditioned :o/

    Forgotten how much makes me laugh and I'm loving Tom's name dropping already! :o)

    Just hoping that the singers are an improvment next week.

  2. The judges are funny but the stringing it out is driving me mad. No singer really knocking me out yet either!