Thursday, 7 March 2013

Dancing on Ice Semi Final: Gar-binned

Gareth and Robin were the unfortunates who failed to make next week's final, but it wasn't their skating that stopped their progress.

Struggling against motion sickness, Gareth was forced to pull out after their first performance, as nausea overtook him again and the medics said "enough".

With the rousing Vida La Viva their final performance, Gareth did a sterling job and an emotional Robin was left to explain why they were unable to continue (Philip sent a swaying Gareth off with the medics). A real shame, as he had grasped both performance and skating elements of the show. Since it's a skating show and not a flying show, you'd have thought they'd have let him skate a different routine when it became apparent the flying wasn't going to work, then let the public decide, but there you go ...

Our finalists then, are: Mattianne - top of the leaderboard, scoring 78 points out of a possible 80. I loved the opening to his flying routine (Straighten Up and Fly Right) and the very daring lift but, he's not as comfortable with a swing number as he is with urban influenced dance, as the routine to Bad showed. Energetic and groovy, it was a perfect semi final skate for him.

Bethan finished up second, with 71.5 points, following an enjoyable and fast routine to Domino, which I thought was one of her best in terms of personality, with much more oomph in the performance. Her flying routine to Angel was beautifully artistic.

Luenna, fully expecting to leave the show, made it into the final scoring 62 points, with two quite sweet performances, What About Now and Higher Love.

With time to fill - Gareth was confirmed as being in the skate off and being unable to, was out - the other couples skated their 'Save Me Skate' and all three were very different. Mattiane lovely, fluid and lyrical (Iris), Bethan, short and dramatic (Live and Let Die) and Luenna, another sweetly skated routine to Hometown Glory.

Till Sunday, stock up on your pizza and popcorn :)

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