Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dancing on Ice Final-ly!

Yes, I know, it was over a week ago and we all know who won. Blogging versus Life, whatcha gonna do?

Having to follow T&D's Bolero-to-a-drummer-boy beat with added Paso Doble, our three finalists tried their damnedest, with Bethan showcasing lots of topless pro skaters in their Car Wash routine. Luckily, I'd been provided with a Hot Dog Stuffed Crust pizza, courtesy of Dominos Pizza, so I had something to nibble on as Dan and Sylvain swept by in all their glory. Karen admitted to being distracted too.

The theme continued, as Luenna showcased a rather pert bottom, along with more topless skaters, to Crazy Little Thing Called Love and I wiped the dribbling cheese off my chin where I wasn't watching what I was doing - I really couldn't have picked a better night for a pizza delivery.

It was Mattianne who totally let the side down, with a terrific programme to Mr PinStripe Suit, in which the pro skaters all kept theirs on *gobsmacked face* - what's that all about?

Their favourite routines next, with Bethan's captivating Clowns versus Luenna's sweet Little Things up against the attacking energy of Mattianne's Turn Up The Music. But most voters would've made up their mind long before these and it was Bethan and Mattianne who duly made it through to Bolero.

It was the intense artistry of movement from Bethan that was victorious over Mattianne's dramatic, aggressive Bolero, which seem to come as a surprise to everyone but the voters, who'd put Beth top for most of the competition. I think the producers were seriously geared up to celebrating a Matt win. Go figure (skate) *groan*.

The judges, looking ecstatic at Bethan's win. Maybe they were a bit peckish - oi, judges, you wanna try getting in a pizza for next time.

Congratulations Bethan - making it a double for the Olympic medallists across our favourite reality dance shows.

This post was sponsored by Dominos Pizza. 

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