Monday, 4 February 2013

Dancing on Ice: What a Shayma!

Shane and Maria were voted off last night, after a skate off against Mattianne that, on paper, was a no-brainer - until Matt tripped up!

In the true spirit of previous competitions, Jason voted to save Shane, who didn't make a mistake, while the other three went with the still-technically-superior-in-spite-of-the-fall Matt.

A confident solo opening for Shayma was enough to leave him equal 4th on the scoreboard and out of danger, you'd have thought. But we know that's never the case. I thought the lift looked a bit nervy and I'm not so keen on the whole trying to seduce the camera act, it's a bit too tentative on ice! Mattiane delivered something different which was clearly unappreciated by his fans. A brave choice which could've been performed with a little more artistic finesse and less aggressively, but for attitude, power and balls, he didn't deserve to be in the bottom two. It just cemented my feeling that ITV reality show viewers just aren't as cultured as the BBC's ... controversial?

Keilga showed good characterization in their Tango routine, as did Garbin with a gentle swayer, showing a new side to him, which was an ongoing theme, as both Luenna and Bethan both finally delivered on the performance front. Luke's wasn't earth shattering but was smooth and credible, while performance of the night was Beth, nailing a tender, touching routine with beauty and poise. Wonderful.

In a complete turn around from last week, Sylvia found themselves sharing the bottom rung with Jocky, following a lacklustre solo which was just nice but whose overall routine surely deserved more than Joe's, who, though fun (for some) he may be, was so unsteady it seems a little unfair he could compare, score wise. Both of them leapfrogging Matt must have left T&D feeling rather nervous; they'll have to be even more creative with the challenges, since The Leveller didn't turn out how they thought At All. It means even Bethan will be at risk if not topping the table.

Still, that's all part of the fun, isn't it? Till next time ..

Week 5 Ice Panel's scoreboard: Bethan 30.5; Mattiane 28; Garbin 27.5; Shayma 23.5; Luenna 23.5; Keilga 21; Sylvia 18; Jocky 18.


  1. I thought it was double standards myself, after sending Pamela home after a first week fall in the skate off. I know that Matt is the best skater on the show, but only Jason (and I can't stand the bloke) stayed true and honest.


  2. I know, he's being most disconcerting this series! And yes, I remember a previous series where they let a better skater go because of a trip. Thanks for popping by :)

  3. I'm nto so sure Matt is the best skater. I would say Beth is and Gareth really isn't far behind the pair of them. Beths routine was amazing on saturday - great song and a great skate! :o)

    Very shocked when the result was announced (who the hell is voting for Samia?!) - and actually as much as I'm not a fan of Matt, I think we saw a different side to him. I was genuinely choked at one point! It was a shame to see Shayne go just when he was starting to improve.

    This seems to happen with all reality shows - Strictly included. There's always a 'shock' week (remember Gabby and Penny?). From experience it will just mean that next week whoever is at the bottom is in trouble.

    I know they keep saying that this is the best year ever, but I'm finding it a bit ordinary to be honest. Seems to be lacking something :o/

  4. Beth is definitely tops for presentation and ability and I'm glad we got to this side of her. Overall it was better this week, but I agree, it's not the strongest show ever.