Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Dancing on Ice: No Fortuna for Keilga

Keith and Olga sadly didn't survive a fourth time in the Save Me Skate Off this week, losing out to Sylvia - who inadvertently caused Chris Dean to snigger wildly!

A best-score for both couples wasn't enough, as original bottom of the leaderboard, Luenna, shot up to third place following the Team Challenge. A little unfair, really, since Beth, Matt and Gareth are clearly miles ahead of the others, so Matt's team was always going to win it technically once he'd nabbed Gareth. 

Keilga showcased his competent skating again, scoring 25 for his first routine, then reprising an amended O, Fortuna routine in the skate off. Sylvia showed that Samia could skate without Sylvain's support, using the song's characters to great effect (Barbie Girl), although I thought the impressive head spin looked a little limp on her part. Sylvain's "I've been very hard with her all week" was the comment that tickled Chris, who started everyone else off - Phil refrained from explaining. It following on from Ashley's "plastic doll situation" was what cracked me up the most.

Bethan had a terrific song, That Man, for their Charleston themed routine, with excellent skating and tricks as you'd expect although I found the facials a little too choreographed. Beth made up for that in her Team Challenge to Gangnam Style - much more naturally animated. Garbin has got the hang of performing now, so even though he had a couple of wobbly moments, Gareth's coping well with whatever they throw at him, such as the hip hop style this week.

Mattiane, skating to the classy A Change is Gonna Come, added a whole new dimension to Matt and I enjoyed this the most out of all their routines. Smooth, fluid, artistic, rhythmic and musical. The difference a decent song makes!

Having got first dibbs on the Team Challenge, Team Matt (he, Gareth and Luke) had fun with U Can't Touch This, showing much skill in the tricky footwork. Beth, choosing Samia's performance element over Luke's better skating and thus leaving her with Keith, had a better performance team  but sadly one not able to compete technically.

Thus, the leaderboard ended up looking like this:
Mattiane 71; Garbin 59; Luenna 49; Bethan 30.5; Sylvia 27; Keilga 25.

Whether Keith or Samia would've survived had it gone the other way, we'll never know. The judges were almost in agreement, saving Sylvia, although I agree with Jason, her timing was out and I'd have saved Keilga. Next week - Props! And Jools Holland :) Till then x

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