Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Dancing on Ice: Jocky-ing for position

Jocky's support finally dwindled this week and pitched both them and Keilga into the Save Me Skate Off. It leaves no weak performers now, so there'll be a shake up next week.

You know when your time is up when you're given one of the twee-est songs ever written, Tiptoe Through The Tulips. Hardly what you'd call amorous, is it? Doing his best wasn't good enough on this occasion and Joe and Vicky bid us farewell. Sadly, it was Keilga in the bottom two again, after a delightful skate to the best song of the night, All About You, perfect for his smooth style. He's happy, he's good and it's a shame he hasn't got the support.

Bethan with a brave and tricky skate, following a banged bonce during the week, is showing why she's the one to beat, as the interpretation improves again. Heading the right way too is Luenna, more speed, more rhythm but oh, God: The soppy hand clappy crapness pat-a-cake makes an appearance *shivers* so I was cringing at the start. Funniest moment of the night was Jason alluding to the presage lift, while everyone else went "?" and assumed we must have blinked, or something.

On to Sylvia. Samia doesn't choreograph the routine, does she? So why give her the grief for being in Sylvain's arms all the time? If the judges want to see more skating, they need to talk to T&D. What Samia does do, is deliver an elegant and controlled performance in a beautifully put together routine. And that's appealing to the viewers. Mattiane has the opposite problem - confident all over the ice alone, but I'm not sensing much partnership. Impressive moves, low key performance. I actually thought he shrugged and looked a bit dejected at one point.

Quality Control. Normally you associate that with a factory or some such, but Garbin's skate had it in abundance. Understated and now showing the refinement to complement his power. Deservedly at the top of the board tonight (except for Bethan being undermarked, obviously).

The Ice Panel's Board:
Garbin 30; Bethan 29.5; Mattiane 28.5; Luenna 24; Sylvia 22; Keilga 22; Jocky 18.5.

So, the big issue of the week for DOI was, of course: Did Christine come by way of Rivendell? I'm joshing, of course, she probably could've picked up a tree-dress anywhere. No, really - why is DOI losing viewers?

Is it because, when you miss an episode, watching on ITV player is the single most frustrating, painful and irritating pastime in the world, ever? Because you cannot fast forward the adverts? You can fast forward but the adverts still play - you just miss the actual show bit *sighs*. So instead of you catching up and being happy, you catch up and punch the computer.

Is it the fact that the show only talks about the celebrity, never the partnership? "I'm saving Keith". Well, he's nothing without Olga, shouldn't you save her too?

I suspect it's deeper than that. I believe it goes back two series ago, and the treatment of Sharron Davies. The show lost its warm, fuzzy feeling. I actually tweeted that to Phil and he assured me, it would be back. Erm, nope. The trouble is, there's a sense of 'them' and 'us'. Sharron appeared to be isolated. On Strictly, no matter what a judge says, everyone is on the side of the contestants. Tess, Bruce, everyone (including the other judges) yet even Holly and Phil seemed to gang up on Sharron. Torvill and Dean, two of my Olympic heroes, came across a bit Prima Donna-rish. Whatever you do, do not argue with the choreography, just shut up and put up, seemed to be the message. They call them skating royalty and the impression I get is, you'd have to make an appointment for an audience with them to say how you feel.

The constant trying to stir up headlines/controversy of showmances, injuries and the hate between Karen and Jason, is quite frankly, tiresome. I used to watch DOI to wind down from Strictly, it was fun and friendly but I'm finding it hard to care right now. The judges sit there, po-faced and serious, like it's all so dreadfully important. It's a Sunday evening, family entertainment show, people - it's not life or death. And Strictly gets that. Watch the camaraderie between everyone involved in the show, behind the scenes and out front: Bruno falling off his chair, Bruce's bad jokes . Yes, everyone's working hard and taking the training seriously, but they don't lose sight of the fact that they're being paid to entertain and make life just a little bit more fun for the rest of us. That's what DOI needs to do if it's going to stop the slide.

 I could be wrong. What do you think?


  1. It seemed a bit obvious that the bottom two would in fact be the bottom two after last weeks 'shock' skate off. Feel sorry for Keith though - he doesn't necessarily deserve to be lumped in the 'bad skater' category.

    Agree re the undermarking of Beth from what I've seen of her routine.

    I think that shows I'm not really into this series as I have been in the past - I missed in on Sunday (thanks to some truly rubbish digital reception) and haven't watched it on itv player. Not because I haven't had the chance, but just becuase I really don't care enough to bother.

    I think I agree with pretty much everything you've said here Scatty re DOI's ratings dip.

    It's starting to feel very cold and I'm increasingly annoyed by the choreography issues. The attitude towards T and D (i.e their word is law) is very tiresome.

    Bringing back Jason hasn't been a popular move and Ashley adds nothing to the panel - I would swear my eye twitches every time she mentions fierceness!

    The supposed twists are forced and unnecessary, and mostly just plain boring. If you're trying to squeeze tension into the show that way then something is wrong!

    I'll be disappointed if it falls into the pit of shows that became stale and outstayed their welcome because there is still a lot of potential, but the makers need to wake up and have a change of attitude pretty damn quick!!

  2. Glad it's just not me Foxy, thanks! You did a wise thing, not trying ITV player - I resorted to just the performance vids and then fast forwarding the programme for the scores!