Sunday, 13 January 2013

Dancing on Ice: The Only Way Is Exit

Lauren Goodger came, flitted about a bit and was eliminated in the Save Me Skate Off against Anthea Turner.

Skating to Girl on Fire, Lauren was anything but, settling for a gentle stroll around the ice which wasn't bad but failed to wow due to nerves. Her skate off was much the same, lacking any fight - she knew she was gone because Anthea was so focused. A 'thank you' to Michael though, would have been nice, Lauren. Andrea's first performance had the judges all in complete agreement, with good attitude in an elegant routine to Skyfall. Her Save Me Skate to Loving You confirmed she has some talent and a connection with Andy making the performance believable. I'll even forgive her for stealing Peter Powell away from me, all those years ago.

In a pretty underwhelming show, Joe and Vicky (Jocky) had to play up to the comic image with an "entertaining" routine - reality show speak for "A bit rubbish technically so let's focus on their personality and camp it up". But they're both local (to me) so good luck to them.

Garbin were the surprise, great solo skating, a frog lift, steady, plenty of tricks and presentation not all bad. Ooma also impressed, a funky Lord! A bit more attack and she's looking strong. Luke's a very earnest young man, isn't he? Luenna made a solid start; he just needs more fluidity. Quote of the night to him with :"It's the first time I've performed without getting punched in the face, so I'm happy!"

The Duel is back for next week, they're culling them cruelly and quickly and no-one is safe.

Catch up with the performances at the Dancing on Ice website until then.


  1. I have to agree that it was a bit underwhelming this week Scatty, but still enjoyable :o)

    Bit disappointed we've got the bloomin Duel again as I didn't really rate it last time, but hopefully they'll pair them up fairly and it won't be a forgone concluion for most of them! Looking forward to just seeing all the couples perform in one show with a straightforward vote actually.

    Felt a little sorry for Lauren as she was clearly completely overwhelmed by nerves, but she did deserve to go out. Annoyed Skyfall was used so early on - what a waste! That would have made a birlliant movie week routine for someone with a bit of experience and progress under their belt. Such a powerful song! Ah well...

    Looking forward to seeing what else Luke can do as he was a bit tentative for me this week and definitely looking forward to seeing more of Beth and Dan! :o)

  2. I think what bugs me is that they choose a mixture of abilities with the clear intention of culling the worst asap - might be interesting one year if they just take 12 who can skate well from the outset and really have a competition. At least with Strictly you get some surprises.