Monday, 21 January 2013

Dancing on Ice: Ice Skating Injury Shocker!

I know, can you believe it - ice skating can cause injuries! Honestly ...

You had to feel a bit sorry for Oona King last night - had she been up against anyone but Gareth in that Save Me Skate Off, she'd be back again next week. She was lost when it came to the duel against Beth, who was far more expressive this week. I found Oona completely natural - I loved the exchange with Philip: "I never skate as well here as I do somewhere else?" "Where are you skating really well?" "In my dreams!" All the best to partner Mark and wife Kathy for the birth of their baby, any time soon - if his dislocated shoulder didn't set her off last night! They had the best song of the night too, in the Skate Off - Just The Two Of us, with a very nice lyrical piece of skating, showcasing Oona's natural rhythm. Lovely arms.

Bethan had all the tricks and as, like all the duels, it was a unanimous decision. I found myself in agreement with the judges across all the duels - and you can shout at Jason, but (scarily) I agreed with all his comments regarding Luke and Shane - they, like Beth, need to bring some personality to the ice and the-not-being-nice it's-a-duel shouldn't have been interpreted as not smiling or showing any emotion. Passion is what we want to see.

Mattiane versus Garbin brought forth the Brokeback Mountain On Ice quip, Gareth getting in before anyone else could. Matt had the fluidity and musicality, Gareth the raw power but the overall performance belonged to Matt, and the judges duly put him through.

Sylvia versus Luenna and my, what a surprise - Samia much more dynamic than Luke, which made all the difference, as their basic skating is evenly matched. Whereas before I thought her a bit 'meh', this performance I really enjoyed. The judges thought so too and she was safely through.

Shayma versus Andrea was a similar story, with Anthea much more expressive and showing a lot more attack than Shane - that will always be the difference when technically well matched.

Finally, Jocky versus Keilga. A real double act developing but on the ice, it was Keith all the way. He may be laughing during the whole performance (big tick in the box) but his basic skating is looking strong, very together and confident. Joe, bless, is still struggling a bit. Other best song of the night, Soul Man, ensuring there was no just cheesy camping it up.

Looks like we're in for a normal week next week. Till then, relive the performances again on the Dancing on Ice website.


  1. My jaw nearly hit the floor when Mark went over - just shows the class of the professionals that he was back on the ice with his partner 3 minutes later.

    I enjoyed the duels more than I did last year, but I am longing for a normal show, so lokoing forward to next week! :o)

    Like you Scatty I agreed with all the decisions as ot the winners of the duels and the comments - though I wouldn't have put it as rudely as Jason of course!

    Disappointed that Gareth had to do the skate off as I like him and definietly think he's one of the stronger skaters. Glad Beth lives to fight another day too! :o)

  2. I was definitely more impressed with Beth this week but still haven't really settled on a favourite :)