Sunday, 27 January 2013

Dancing on Ice: Go Away Little Girl

That was the judges' response to Anthea Turner's second time Save Me Skate Off, only, they weren't as cruel as that - I just had to find a Donny Osmond song to fit.

I really enjoyed reliving my primary school days to Andrea's Puppy Love cheesy yet fun routine. And I too used to practise writing 'Jaye Osmond' across my text books. Donny's birthday is 9th December - incidentally, I didn't have to Google that.

Keilga was my favourite of the night again, so quite sad to see him in the bottom two *note to self, start voting next week* We saw another side to Keith and his skating is so smooth. It was surreal and not too disturbing, seeing him dancing to Disturbia! Sylvia also impressed for the second week running, proper Spicey attitude with skating skills on show in a neat routine. Even the head banger didn't make me clench my bum. She's growing on me.

Shayma and Luenna both improved on previous weeks, although Luke could really use a bit of Shane's music listening skills - that was the main difference between them: Luke's total lack of rhythm and dancing skills!

Powerhouses Garbin and Mattianne produced strong skating although Gareth isn't as fluid as Matt, and I'm still not taking to Matt, notwithstanding his excellent dancing skills and terrific energy. To be fair, it's not his choreography - Jason is on his way to be being chucked out again, daring to criticise Jayne and Chris. Who, strangely, seem to bat it back at Matt and say it is his choice?!

I'll forgive Beth(an) her fixed grin because that routine was mental. So packed with awesome stuff, how on earth is she ever going to relax and enjoy it? Jason had a point, give her less so we can see her personality. Jocky were very sweet but you can put down the fire buckets, the ice is safe.

Ice Panel's Scoreboard: Mattianne 25.5; Sylvia 23.5; Garbin 23; Bethan 23; Keilga 21.5; Shayma 20; Luenna 20; Andrea: 18.5; Jocky 16.

Philip tells us it's 'The Leveller' next week: "New and tough" he reckons. We shall see.


  1. I can't believe you know Donny Osmonds birthday without looking it up Scatty!! Oh dear oh dear Lol :o)

    I can't understand why Keith isn't getting the votes. He improves every week! Like you I'm not taking to Matt either. Go Beth and Gareth!!

  2. I'd say it was a misspent childhood but obviously, it wasn't ;) I was so glad he could actually dance in DWTS, it would've been such a disappointment if he couldn't!