Monday, 3 December 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: Stumped!

Michalie succumbed to a figurative one finger from the third umpire (ie, our judges) and samba'd their way out of the competition this week.

Up against his BFF, Nicky, in the dance off, Michael did perform his best Latin of the series but sadly, the overall standard and general likeability of everybody meant that bottom of the board would always be tough to break out of.

Natalie worked the wonders we knew she would with a partner willing to work hard. Michael totally captured the spirit of the show, I've loved watching them every week and am sad to see them go. I smiled throughout their samba and if the hips were wonky it didn't stop his great fluid movement around the floor with both musicality and the bounce there. I thought Craig was unduly harsh on him - how many male celeb's sambas are that watchable? Bruno got a bit carried away, with the whole "need to swing both ways" (hips) The phrase you're looking for is "batting for the other side" Bruno, if you want to be even more blunt/saucy/topical.

Kicky made it a unanimous vote in their favour when their already intense and atmospheric Argentine Tango to Skyfall was softened to be more sensual as demanded by the judges.

Overall, the couples left are all fab and we're at the point now where I can sit back and enjoy everyone, with no particular favourites. Kisha's jive was lively (understatement!) and how Kimberley kept up I'll never know; amazing. Vani produced a gorgeous VW, courtesy of Dani's delightful dancing and Vincent's extraordinary and beautiful choreography.

Robisa brought back memories of Christmas Past, with their fun quickstep to Eric and Ernie's Bring Me Sunshine, and yes, they did the ending - although the roly poly onto the sofa at the end went a bit awry, somehow, with Lisa, it doesn't matter - up she gets, smiling away. Jamise had a rare issue when James went blank! I thought it was just a sticky transition into a big lift, but he admitted he'd blanked and they had to improvise with more shimmying! As Craig said: "We do have to blame you, darling. This is marvellous!" Still a great routine as ever, although not as fluid as it could have been.

Surprise of the night for me - a happy surprise - was Flouvia's charleston. Brilliant routine and I was mesmerised by Louis, he danced with every single sinew in his body - and I loved the nod to MJ, he's been dying to get that in somewhere. That acting coach worked miracles, we've seen it before (Gethin) and finally, we saw Louis enjoying himself and letting go. "Shut up close the door and call me Mary" exclaimed Len. Which just about summed it up! There were acrobatics but they slotted in perfectly in the routine and maintained the flow. Wonderful.

Flouvia 37 = 7; Kisha/Vani 34 = 6; Jamise 32 = 5; Robisa 31 = 4; Kicky 30 = 3; Michalie 24 = 2

On the results show we were treated to a sleazy 20s jazz club routine by the pro dancers and Len's Lens showed Len's happy face through Robisa's routine and Bruno's fascination with Nat's feathery head dress. Vincent confided that "people in the street shout at us cos they think we're far away, cos we're so little!"

And next week - Dance Fusion! One piece of music, two styles of dance for the couples to master. And possibly a double elimination? I think they should drop the dance off when they get to that point, because those at the bottom board have no hope of escaping it. They may save that for the semi - no doubt it will all be revealed on the official BBC site - stay in touch.


  1. I'm sooooo sad to see Michael go!! :o( I'll miss his enthusiasm on saturday - someone sign him up for the tour! ;o)

    The overall standard is really good this year. I am wondering if the 'Fusion' twist is an effort to make sure that all the couples dance all the dances? Last year, because there are now so many dances included in the show, the finalists all had one dance that they had not done throughout the series. Hoping it won't be a twist too far :o)

    If Louis continues with this new version of him, I think I might be able to get on board the Flouvia support train! :o)

  2. You could be right there - I think they'd like the chance to do all of them :)