Sunday, 16 December 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: Semi Final!

It couldn't be closer: we know the weakest technically has strong public support so anything could happen, anyone could go!

Vani lead the way, with a flowing and romantic American Smooth, happy and charming with lovely lifts which scored them a respectable 34. Their Argentine Tango was always going to be their strongest and gave us a strength we hadn't seen before from Dani, which resulted in their first 10 from Len. My only teensy criticism is that both were maybe a little too placed, too precise. That sounds a bit daft, doesn't it?

Next up were Flouvia with a jive and what he lacked in technique, Louis made up for in personality and a genuinely fun routine, showing his natural rhythm. Their foxtrot had gorgeous choreography, very well danced, very smooth - while I like that song though, I couldn't marry it with the foxtrot so the overall effect left me a little flat.

Jamise went all on out frontal assault; luckily, it was a tango and the intent, attack, timing and drama was perfect in a paso inspired routine. I loved it. They followed with a tender rumba, beautifully choreographed, danced and acted. I think they'll make the final, deservedly - I can't see anyone else beating them in a dance off, if they find themselves there again.

Kisha were my favourites of the night - Nimble Kimble has, since their dance off appearance, given everything. Their American Smooth was sensual, sultry and spectacular all through. Loved the classy shimmy. And that dress. Following with something completely different, a fantastically themed charleston with brilliant tricks - those linked cartwheels were fabulous. Consistent and exciting.

People's favourite, possibly, Robisa, led off with a salsa, fun and funky but oh, dear - why did  they persist with the floor spin? Inelegant and stopped the flow of the routine dead, but Flippin' Hell, Robin - that was awesome! However, I do feel that Lisa's energy have dropped off as the contest has gone on and the Latin has begun to labour a bit. The American Smooth was better, classy and feel good, with their customary side by side sections full of joy.

The leader board (which also happens to be my order too)
Kisha 38 + 40 = 78 = 5 pts
Jamise 39 + 38 = 77 = 4 pts
Vani 34 + 38 = 72 = 3 pts
Flouvia 31 + 38 = 69 = 2 pts
Robisa 31 + 32 = 63 = 1 pt

Now, I'm no mathematician, as you know ... but, assuming, going by last week, that Denise is the least popular, she'll be on 5 points overall. Lisa, if the most popular, would be on 6 points overall, which means that the least Kimberley could have would be 7 pts - and which would make her safe.  But who knows, support grows and wavers, Flouvia and Vani have strong public support - we could end up with a reversed leader board - which would give us a Kisha v Jamise dance off. Good luck with that one, judges!

We'll find out in ooh, 5 ish hours time! While away the time by enjoying your favourite routines again on the official BBC website. See you then :)

One last, little note - a lot of people knock Tess, but how good was she when the pros were getting out of hand behind her? Carries on with the script, references hem but straight back on it without a single duff word or loss of concentration.

So, I'm back -- after the extended break for the Sports Personality of the Year Award, the toughest in British sporting history (I ended up voting for five different living legends and Bradley Wiggins was one of them).

Opening the results show, a beautiful ballroom from Anton & Erin; Natalie & Brendan and Artem & Ola, before we have it confirmed that Kisha are safe and that Robisa will be in the Dance Off.  Katherine Jenkins sings Santa Baby for us - and with Gethin in the audience, what do we think? Back on? Robin and Kristina accompany before we switch to Len's Lens: Kisha's charleston; Jamise's attack; finger wagging at Craig for no ten; Vincent flipping a coin into the fountain and wishing to make the final, aw. Bruce, drinking at said fountain "of youth" - Bruno. And the general party atmosphere that's pervaded the judges' desk this season :)

Back to the Moment of Truth and Flouvia are called safe; Jamise are in the dance off and Vincent sinks to his knees in relief.

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas reprise their jive from Kath's brilliant stint on Dancing With the Stars, before the judges, as expected, save Jamise over Robisa, with regret. Then it all gets very emotional, especially with Lisa's tribute to Robin - and I swear I saw Darcey wiping her eyes.

Phew! So, an unprecedented four couple final this year - apparently, it should have been a double elimination this week, so either a) someone wanted to ensure Jamise made it through or b) someone wanted us all to enjoy all the top couples for as long as possible because there's very little to choose between them. As a positive kind of person, I'm going with the second option - because life's just too short.

Next week, they'll all dance a Judges' Pick; a Show Dance and the top three then dance their favourite. Get that bubbly on ice and plenty of chocolatey nibbles in!


  1. We were crying here on Sunday Scatty! I completely agree that technically Lisa had goten left behind, but I do think the competition has lost a little sparkle from her enthusiasm.

    So close between the other four. My senses are saying Louis is going to win, but I'm rroting for Dani and Kimberley - loved her American Smooth on Saturday! Great song choice and a great routine :o)

    One of Strcitly obsessed friends told me that they announced on ITT last week that it would be four in the final instead of the traditionla three, so I don't think the decision is as sinister as some are making out.

    Looking forward to a good end to a cracking series of my favourite tv show. If I had one criticism I would say that it would be nice to see the couples do all the dances. They've all missed at least 2 - Kimberley has missed three because they did two dances they had already done in their fusion dance! I would have liked to see how she handled Rumba and Argentine Tango, but nevermind :o)

  2. I'd prefer that they'd do all the dances, but in Kimberley's case, I won't actually miss the rumba and AT much! So looking forward to a feel-good Saturday night :)