Friday, 14 December 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: Kisha's perfect dancemotion

After the plethora of 34s, Dance Fusion week saw Kisha smash through that barrier to score a perfect 40 and top the leader board.

Fantastic attitude and energy, sublime transitions in a skilfully crafted routine, all backed up by an outstanding performance - Kimberley switching from attacking pout to abandoned laughter effortlessly. And a standation from Len! Come on! I love that she hugs everyone. And then cries - a tale of two emotions, just like the dance!

Vani's Happy Feet Charlstep routine was just adorable, so them, and earned them their first 10s, while Flouvia's dynamic tamba incorporated a free flowing rumba with lovely arms. Strong tango element and a stunning lift hit right on the high light and ... isn't he bendy? A 10 for them too.

Robisa suffered a mishap in the slightly sloppy cha cha section of their Tancha - and I agreed with Darcey, I thought the tango element was far stronger for her. I'm still smiling all through - and the band were fab, I almost forgot it wasn't actually Abba!

Kicky were unfortunate with the draw - an American Smooth/Samba was always going to be tough to marry. I really enjoyed it though, a very groovy Americamba but you kind of knew it wouldn't be enough.

A wardrobe malfunction for Jamise meant they slid to fourth on the leader board and into the dance off. Personally, I thought it was a stunning Jivestep routine - so she's a performer; they all are, apart from Louis. To Chris Evans et al - why don't you just belt up and enjoy these terrific routines? I remember, back in the day, during Series 5 - when the same accusations were levelled at all the other "performers" - some of us jokingly said that Gethin had an unfair advantage: his violin playing gave him such good posture. Yep, they ran with it ...

Leader Board:
Kisha 40 = 6; Vani 38 = 5; Flouvia 37 = 4; Jamise 35 = 3; Robisa 30 = 2; Kicky 27 = 1.

Sadly, we knew that Kicky wouldn't be saved, not up against Jamise without a wardrobe malfunction, although there were a couple of tiny mistakes. I'm going to miss that lovely Irish lilt and cheeky grin.

Also on the results show, a beautiful quirkiness to the opening pro number, very different to anything we've seen before. Seeing the mutual respect between guest performer, The Buble, and Anton and Erin. Len's Lens: Darcey's reaction to Craig's 10 and the mini party at the judges table; Louis's arms, tender and long and we saw that exquisite birdwing shadow moment.

Sorry about the lateness of this week's reports; just a bit of ITT to sort and then we're back tomorrow for the semi-final: One dance floor, two dances each, three safe from the dreaded dance off, four places, five couples. Read all about it on the official BBC website.

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