Thursday, 20 December 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two final week highlights

Louis was warned by Flav that His Crowning Glory would be subject to a VT - and so it came to pass!

Their dances are firm crowd favourites: Judges Pick - the Dirty Dancing Salsa, with added oil; their choice is the charleston and a show dance to Rule The World. Going to be tough to beat that combo!

Ramps on the red button this week!

Lisa in hair and make up said Robin is the bane of her life - they make up, then tan up and then don't match - he's the worst!

Julien McDonald with the costume stats so far: over 400 metres of fringing; over 700 godets; over 15000 bugle beads - and over 250,000 crystals! Dani's American Smooth dress alone had 150metres of ruffles and 5000 crystals! "What have I got left?" asked Vicky in wardrobe "let's chuck it all on!"

Darcey wants a feisty woman in Vani's tango, the judges pick. "I'm taking care of that" - Vincent. Their choice is their jive, just so Vincent's wig can come out again.

Ian showing a nice line in Christmas jumpers.

In Karen's crib, sniffing candles and leaving ash on her nose. Funny lady!

Ian put a bet on someone - they went out, so he won't say who he wants to win.

Chris Hollins: "I'm glad I wasn't in it this year." He also enjoyed the week James forgot his routine, after the grief he was given when he did it.

Jill would be shocked if Jamise don't get 40 for their jive.

Spreading the Strictly Shimmy - Natalie gets the plum job of the rugby club.

The Kelp - the Kimberley Yelp precedes the Kimberlicious Lips, with a very funny slo-mo raspberry.


Vani to Bohemian Rhapsody, a complicated and powerful paso inspired mix of tango and rumba with wow lifts and Dani in a little black and white number which isn't quite finished yet.

Jamise to What a Feeling, a mix of their fave moments from various dances, with unbelievable lifts and a knee slide; Denise in black catsuit.

Kisha to Crazy in Love, a Latin combo with different, intricate lift work and her in a 5000 crystal covered colour block short flared skirt for booty shaking.

Flouvia to Rule The World rumba style with AT references and unusual dangerous lifts promising something different. Louis will be topless.

Note: All four professionals have been in the final before but never won!

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