Monday, 17 December 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - Monday mourning

It's the final week, as in last and as in The Final - and I just discovered, there will be an interview with the winners on the It Takes Two blog next week, for those of us bereft of closure.

Robisa, on the sad sofa, I'm already tearing up. We have extended highlights because there were so many in this emotional, roller coaster of a journey - because if ever there was a time to use that well worn phrase, this is it. And they're off ... *passes tissues* ... we're all off. They stick up for Denise, and Lisa wants her double DD's to win - Denise and Dani.

Backstage pass - Louis spreading rumours about the competition - Kimberley's hairnet is to contain the nits, lol.

It's wonderful to have Bruno on the sofa, his critiques are so engaging, descriptive and poetic.

The secret to Jamise's relationship - brutal honesty, with plenty of insults! They tell us their dances for the Final: Judges' Pick - Jive; their choice - charleston.


  1. Please cameraman can you stop showing the top halves of the couples when they are dancing their routines. I like to see them in full view - especially, their footwork, all the time. Thank you.