Friday, 7 December 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two

From behind the sofa ...

Michael, bless him: "I think it was the right time for me to go" but he would have loved to do the Viennese Waltz. They clocked 325 hours of training and it's been Nat's favourite so far - huge compliment to Michael, considering she made the final in her first, with Ricky Whittle. She's doing a Gwyneth ...

Michael Buble was on the sofa! *calm down Foxy* The band have covered his songs over twenty times. So, when a certain radio DJ says to you, after you've answered the first easy peasy SCD question: "Q2, it's not strictly a Strictly question" thereby implying there's at least a tenuous link, and gives you a choice between The Buble and Bryan Adams, who're ya gonna go for? Hm? Jamie bloody Theakston, yes, talking to you! I've never listened to you since, except when I have no choice. So the woman after me gets that one right, obviously, struggles with the final one which was so damn easy she couldn't have been a real fan if she didn't know it immediately and stole my prize of a photo shoot with Brendan in a spangly frock*. I hate you, Theakston. Get me up at 6am and leave me hanging on the phone for half an hour just to ruin my day. Git. *Brendan wouldn't have been wearing frock; that would've been me.

Anyway, moving on ... Craig was still taking the mickey out of James ... it's a running theme.

Karen Hauer has the Latin American footballing skill, now all Nicky has to do is master the samba with a spot of American Smooth, which he's confident he will. "Fighting talk," says Zoe. "Make Tee-shirts and go on a rally!"

The other Karen, in Choreography Corner says they were under marked in their Argentine Tango "there was a lot going on downstairs" Ooh er missus.

You never forget your first nine from Craig.

The coati picked Robisa.

Power Panel Friday: Matthew Morrison; Katherine Jenkins; Mark Ballas. There'll be no hiding from this lot!

The Pro Dance challenge (Kick Ball Changes) Erin topping to board with 71; Brendan into second place with 65, leaving Robin in third on 62.

The dances this week:

Quickstep/Charleston (Charlestep): Vani, to Happy Feet. On the VW, Dani says she managed to take her eyes off him. "How did you do that? Other women need to know." - Vincent.

Jive/Quickstep (Jivestep): Jamise to Reet Petite. It looks awesome. Completely awesome.

Rumba/Tango (Tamba): Flouvia to With or Without You. Interesting.

Cha Cha/Tango (Chango): Kisha to It's Raining Men. Kimberley's got herself a fan - Mark Ballas clearly knocked out!

American Smooth/Samba (Americamba): Kicky to Troublemaker

Tango/Cha Cha (Tancha): Robisa to Voulez Vous

I'm exhausted just writing them down. Catch up with the gossip and clips on the official ITT website if you can't control yourself till tomorrow :)

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