Friday, 21 December 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two - last minute shimmies

All four finalists on the sofa tonight!

Denise with a dislocated rib and James with the missing salsa step in their show dance; Denise with a Del-boy impression of James. Family VT alert - they're gonna need a bigger box of tissues.

Louis was a lot more nervous at the Olympics; he hasn't trained 19 years for Strictly. And he has a bad back :( Even he's welling up at The Family VT. Dasher the meerkat chooses them to win.

Vani's jouney - they've barely sat down and Vincent's crying already. He's still going to choreograph for Dani on Sunday - and send her a video of himself doing it. Zoe and Dani both in bits at The Family VT.

Kisha's journey, from limp to perfection. "I've got to smout" - Kimberley, her Fusion face of smiling with a pout in their Chango. Her brother is pretty lush! #FamilyVT

The judges, with Darcey and Bruno in matching outfits. Craig's in panto: "Oh no he isn't". Darcey and Bruno compare leg extensions. Their highlights included the unveiling and matching up of the contestants (Len) and Halloween (Bruno).

Down in the studio, the cast have reunited for highlights and one big Strictly Shimmy, with Zoe in her "ridiculous" shoes.

I have to say I'm slightly disappointed in the music for the show dances - they've all been used before. What A Feeling will just remind me of Robert Webb. Crazy in Love, Alesha's cha cha; Rule The World (much as I love it) was Anton and Laila's rumba - so in fairness, it deserves another outing. And Bohemian Rhapsody I'm not sure has, actually, but picture the scene: At a party, the floor is rocking to Mambo No.5 and Livin' La Vida Local, everyone in a groovy Latin mood ... and then the DJ puts on BH. Never seen a floor empty so fast. Except for the few die hards who hung around just for *that* guitar bit a la Wayne's World. I just don't hear it as a dance song. So the routines will really need to blow me away.

But, 320 points up for grabs tomorrow and barring no mistakes, a real possibility. On paper, Flouvia is looking most likely to get three votes from me, with their charleston, salsa and tricky AT/rumba to Take That. Kisha's VW I loved - some concern though, as it's the one that landed them in the bottom two. But the romantic ballroom mixed with the feisty tango and a party Latin combo appeals. Jamise and Vani with terrific jives and multi stranded show dances will be split only by the charleston and tango.

Only *checks clock* twenty hours and five minutes to go!! If you really can't contain yourself, go visit the official website here and fill up on the previous ten weeks!

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