Monday, 24 December 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: Flouvia win!

Olympian Louis Smith and partner Flavia Cacace won the battle of the best on .Saturday, as Strictly Come Dancing Series 10 came to a nail biting, jaw dropping close.

Their magnificent charleston topped off a silky performance, with the salsa that previously split the judges wowing everyone this time around. "OMG that was incredible" is what I have written down here. It wasn't just slinky, it was marinaded in extra virgin olive oil. The big lift was perfect and there was plenty of salsa content and personality while still retaining the feel of the original film. The charleston stormed the floor, with a back somersault - standing start - added to the fizz. As for the show dance, you know I'm not a fan of the gymnastic non dancing freestylers but this was so much better. The emotive music helped, and possibly Louis being topless - but the control and artistry in his body, coupled with an Argentine Tango influenced rumba and that gravity defying lift (below) which, literally, made my jaw drop - meant I was transfixed. Awesome stuff.

Flouvia didn't have it all their own way, as Kisha also gained three votes from me, with their fierce, exciting tango, the romantic and beautifully danced Viennese Waltz - gorgeous transition from steps to floor, and my favourite show dance of the night to Crazy in Love, channelling Beyonce brilliantly. I remember more of their dances than anyone else; they will always be one of my favourite pairings. Had their Charleston and American Smooth been in the final, the outcome may have been different. Technically adept yet retaining a hint of rawness, with Kimberley able to 'let go' in every performance in a way the others never quite managed.

Jamise's jive will go down as one of those Strictly classics, they were on fire and carried it through into the immense show dance with awesome lifts - James was actually overcome at Craig's 10 - before finishing on the brilliant, perfectly executed charleston. Vani, the fourth placed couple, were unable to perform their jive (why do the producers do that?) but the tango was more elegant this time, terrific, stylish and plenty of attack. Their show dance, to Dani's "favourite song of all time" ("Westlife!" interjected Nicky) opened as a rumba before taking shape as a paso but did have a few sticky transitions. Adorable as they were, I did feel it may not be enough for them.

The score board (just for guidance) read:

Jamise 39 + 40 + 40 = 119
Kisha 39 + 39 + 40 = 118
Flouvia 39 + 40 + 39 = 118
Vani 36 + 35 = 71 (eliminated at the beginning of the results show)

The show opened with an extreme Paso by the professionals, with lots of golden spangles on show, although "Tess's dress feels like a Brillo Pad" - Brucie.

The class of 2012 joined us, Nicky and Michael behaving like naughty schoolboys, while Artem and Aliona perfomed a dangerously seductive routine to Robbie Williams's new single Different.

In the immortal words of The Funkmasters: I can't believe it's over. For nine months at least - keep an eye on the website for details of series 11!

Or you could tune into the Christmas Special, 6.15pm, BBC1 on Christmas Day!

Photos: BBC.


  1. I voted for Kimberley on the night, but I'm happy for Louis to have won. Totally original Showdance the likes of which we have never seen on Strictly before - loved it! Though I agree about the Beyonce Showdance from Kim and Pasha - just brilliant! Their Tango is one of my favourites form the entire series :o)

    Can't believe we've reached the conclusion of SCD for another year. What am I going to watch every weekend now? Bring on Dancing on Ice! :o)

  2. He definitely had the luck of the draw with the dances but he improved on the salsa so much. Would have been happy if Kisha had won too :) roll on DOI!