Sunday, 11 November 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: Strong performances mean shocks in store!

Yes, oh yes - brace yourselves tonight, because I suspect that someone in the top half of the leader board will be in the Dreaded Dance Off! Have you even known bottom of the board to be scoring mid 20s at this point in the competition?

We know that those at the bottom have a great fan base, because most of them have avoided the bottom two most weeks. Two draws on the board also give them a leg up - but the public can't save them all!

Being week 6,  we've had the chance to get to know them all a lot more, and those at the top end with the judges vote aren't necessarily those with the personalities and partnerships winning the public over.

Step forward Michalie, who chucked a couple of fab lifts into a credible, recognisable salsa which may not have the flow of some but certainly had the fun and the enthusiasm I'm looking for. Likewise Arfer's, who I reckon must have been watching Alesha's for inspiration, looking at the frock and some of the choreography! Kicky's foxtrot put a huge smile on my face, a beautiful beginning and stylishly performed. He hasn't got the artistry of Louis but he looks like he's enjoying himself with that gorgeous cheeky smile. Flouvia, take note. The gorgeous opening and arms and Flavia's exquisite choreography are not enough if Louis looks like he's holding his breath all through it. I need to see some warmth and connection. I'm just sayin' ...

Jamise were again, fantastic. A proper Paso, strong and full of attitude, she really captured the mood and style and I loved the original twist in the end move. Richin had the fun and character demanded in the charleston "I could drop Erin on her head - I'm not sure in Strictly law if that's worse than forgetting your routine!" - Richard. Brendleton are definitely enjoying the ballroom more, a terrific quickstep and it was a shame the quite heavy flounces on her dress hid the lightness and speed of Victoria's feet somewhat. Vani's fantastic attitude and brilliant choreography made for a sharp and dramatic tango, while Kisha's Viennese Waltz was ultra romantic; she was completely lost in the moment. Saving my favourite till last again, Robisa's very quick foxtrot had me gasping for air! So joyful, so musical and just a pleasure to watch.

The problem for top of the board at this stage, is voter complacency. Every year we have a shock bottom two, because voters assume their favourite is safe if in the top half. No-one is safe! Don't assume Westlife and Girls Aloud fans will vote consistently every week, especially if they like other couples lower down the board and want to save them too. Even Jamise will feel threatened this week, reliant as they are on viewers, rather than a fan base of sports fans or children's tv!

The Score Board:
Jamise 36 = 10; Vani 34 = 9; Kisha 34 = 9; Flouvia 33 = 8; Robisa 32 = 7; Brendleton 30 = 6; Kicky 30 = 6; Richin 29 = 5; Arfer 27 = 4; Michalie 26 = 3

On another note, the BBC can stop looking for a replacement for Bruce - Tess and Claudia are brilliant together, a seamless transition for when the inevitable retirement is announced.

Results show at 7.20pm tonight - relive the dances on the website in the meantime!

There you go - poor Kisha in the dance-off, joined by Arfer. And there the tension ended, because clearly the judges would go for Kisha and quite rightly so. A real shame for Arfer but at least they go out on their best performance.

That's why I don't like the dance off. Without the dance off, the voters vote to save their favourite only and are happy to let nature takes its course with those at the bottom of the board. With it, we vote for the couple we know won't be saved by the judges, ie. Michalie. Without the dance off, the public's favourite dancers make it through; with the dance off we'll end up with another Series 6 fiasco and the two least favourites out of the final six making it through. Thankfully, because of the fiasco in S6, the right couple won and we weren't denied seeing the best ever Strictly showdance. Let's take a moment to enjoy it again, shall we?

Earlier, Midnight Tango and floating Maltesers. Craig "needs a check up from the neck up". Len's Lens - the judges partying; Richard's faces and bumography "I'm sure it was that rear view (that saved us) I'll never forget it!" Natalie and Brendan's breathtaking performance with Andre Rieu.

I'm sure Kisha will be fine next week. See you then!


  1. You must have psychic powers there Scatty! Either that or you made it come true! Lol ;o)

    Disappointed that Kimberley doesn't have public support as I actually quite like her and their VW was lovely. Tired of the lack of emotion that comes from louis and it's increasingly annoying me that nobody is calling him on it!

    Still loving Lisa and Robin, and I know it's wrong, but I am enormously fond of Michael too! Bless him hugging Victoria and Richard when they had made it through - what a sweetie :o)

    Hope they don't give him a latin next week because what usually happens after a 'shock result' is that the bottom placed couple goes the next week :o/

    Bring on wembley - should be really good fun! :o)

  2. I like her too and will probably throw her a vote next week - but I did vote for Michalie because if he's going to go I want him to go out fighting, doing a ballroom! Purists will be preparing stones as I type ;D Robisa got my vote too.