Sunday, 25 November 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: Kicky turn it around

Loving the opening take on Friends and the fun clearly had a knock on effect for Kicky, who wowed with my favourite dance of the night, a charleston of Team Cola proportions!

Fun and fast, lots of characterisation - it reminded Darcey of The Artist - a truly exhilarating dance.

Also on form and again topping the table were Jamise with an elegant and floaty American Smooth containing perfect, awesome lifts, although they're being closed down by Vani, whose samba worked, despite the song really not being a samba song. Single Ladies generated excitement though and Dani was terrific. I loved the energy and attack in Kisha's tango, which led to one of Craig's most hilariously misconstrued comments "thumb wedged firmly in his crack (in his armpit)" and Darcey and Bruno high-fiving each other for a matching pair of nines.

Robisa hit a block with the judges finally - we knew it would happen (Mark's jive, anyone?) their rumba not finding favour. I thought she could've been given credit for the fluidity and she still maintained her musicality, which is about as good as it gets with me and rumba. This time with Flouvia, the judges agreed with me. Comments throughout both shows regarding the lack of emotion, as the lovely lines weren't supported by the moodiness I thought Louis would nail. Their Paso should have exploded at some point but sadly, it never did.

Brendleton and Michalie, as we know, were the bottom two tonight. Personally, I agreed with Len that Michael wasn't given enough credit for tackling a tough dance with excellent lifts. It was as much an Argentine Tango as I've seen from others. Victoria never really found the confidence to match her undoubted ability, ending the show thinking she can't dance. You Can! But throwing yourself about with your mates on a party night out or winning gold medals at cycling championships is a whole lot different to being out there, out of your comfort zone, on your own in front of millions! Our Olympic Queen Victoria will hopefully look back and see all the good stuff she did. Perhaps Brendan can sort out a first dance for her and Scott's wedding :)

Also on the results show: Flawless are, as ever, exactly that - and how brilliant with the pro girls? Check out Darcey and Craig's ripples - which reminds me, there's one waiting for me in  the fridge - and is Claudia moonlighting as a waitress after the show? Kimberley's squeal of delight when her name was called was heard by - according to Claudia - "dolpins, asking, what was that? Oh, Walshey's through!" Len's Lens shows us Bruno joining in Single Ladies and he and Len cracking up after giving Lisa the same score and going "Oooooh!"

Down to the last seven and as usual, the media are all over the forums, quoting them like they speak for the majority. Most viewers/voters won't care how experienced Denise is, they'll just be enjoying the dancing. Likewise, top scoring and leading the board doesn't automatically guarantee a win. I still wouldn't like to guess at who's actually most popular with the viewers!

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This week's leader board: Jamise 37 = 8; Vani 36 = 7; Kicky 36 = 7; Kisha 34 = 6; Flouvia 27 = 5; Robisa 27 = 5; Michalie 26 = 4; Brendleton 21 = 3.


  1. My fav three live to fight another day - come on Dani, Lisa and Michael! :o) Bless Victoria though. I was welling up a little bit at the end.

    Finally - I thought they were never going to comment on Louis' lack of emotion. It's only taken them to week 8 what we noticed in week 3 *rolls eyes*

    Denise's dance was very elegant and loved the version on Imagine they performed to, but still not warming to her sadly.

    Loved Nicky's Charleston and he looked like he was having a blast! I love it when someone who has been right down has a sudden burst of brilliance like that :o)

    The competition for SCD champion 2012 is officially on!

  2. Oh, I was blubbing. Mad, isn't it?