Thursday, 8 November 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two

On the sofa this week...

Watch out for the sparklers "there's a lot of hairspray and cheap man made fibres in here" - Zoe

Breaking news - James danced with an injury and is now laid up; Ian Waite to the rescue!

Backstage Saturday: "They're going to vajazel my forehead - don't quite know what that means but all the girls are talking about it!" - Fern.

Posticulation? *note to self* Looks it up and no, doesn't exist Craig!

Zoe to Craig: "I just like making you do the dances ... we should get you a podium."

Artem was supposed to be wearing a top last week but it didn't suit him. No-one's owning up to the decision to lose it.

Darcey on the sofa. "Ok, everybody, 5th position. Port de bra ... that's port de bra not padded bra" - Zoe

Brendan: "I want Victoria to copy me ... sometimes, I will look like a girl."

"I'm always hungry when you're around!" Zoe to Pasta/Pasha.

Robisa dancing to This Will Be ... stunning, can't wait!

The dances:

Foxtrot: Kicky; Robisa
Salsa: Arfer; Michalie
VW: Kisha;
Quickstep: Brendleton
Waltz: Flouvia
Tango: Vani
Paso Doble: Jamise
Charleston: Richin


  1. Will someone please tell Zoe ball to 'put a sock' in her big mouth. She asks questions, then carries on gabbling over the top whilst the interviewee is trying to answer. Tells us we are going to hear what a couple will be dancing to this week, then immediately starts wiggling, flinging her torso about and screeching so that we never get to hear the tune. And, worst of all when she introduces someone or a couple she gabbles the names at machine gun pace adding a high pitched screech at the end of the intro. Surely I can't be the only one who has stopped watching "it takes two" on a regular basis because of the presenter. It is made worse by having Claudia Winkleman on the Sunday night show, it's like rubbing our noses in what we are missing, because Claudia was a delight to watch and listen to when she presented "it takes two".

    If it wasn't for the fact that children are already being slowly denied learning the art of verbal interaction, I would suggest that Zoe Ball should perhaps be moved to CBeebies, which is much more suited to her adolescent behaviour.

    Zoe, this show is called "Strictly, It Takes Two" and NOT The Zoe Ball Show!! So stop, take a deep breath, and try to do the professional job the British License payer is paying for.

  2. Aw, bless - she's a fan, she can't help herself!