Thursday, 22 November 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two

The post-Wembley sofa ...

Backstage pass - Robin and Pasha asleep, rudely awakened by James and Vincent.

Richard: "I'm going to have to tape certain phrases by you (Erin). I can't do a thing without you." *hands out tissues*

Craig's entrance to Rude Boy: "I was out of time but I shall I overlook that."

"Being told we'd finish the show gave us a lot of confidence" - Michael.

"What was more exciting: Being carried in by four burly men or the 10s?" Zoe to Denise. "Toughie."

Jamise had a boobie malfunction in the dress rehearsal - James did try to tell her. He does a fantastic impression of Vincent.

Julien McDonald on Lisa's dress: "A lace base on a tulle illusion." I want one.

Brendan on Bruno's "over ambitious" statement - "... a nonsense comment ..."

"I look up to Robbie Williams as a performer and an entertainer" - Brendan. "He says the same about you" - Zoe.

"So manly in your matching shirt and tie" Zoe to Ian, demonstrating Paso Doble. "I'm doing my best, dear."

Vaughny gave Nicky a pep talk before the dance off *bromance*

"I'm speechless ... even though I'm still talking!" - Dani

Zoe: "How do you keep her motivated, Vincent?" Who indicates himself: "Hellllooo?!"

"It's all about him pulling me towards him. Which is nice." Lisa on their rumba. Following Splitgate, Lisa has no pelvis, since she left it on the floor at Wembley.

Top Ten stuffage:
The quickstep has accumulated the most 10s - 36.
There have been 288 altogether: 1 in series 1; 7 in S2; 13 in S3; 14 in S4; 37 in S5; 59 in S6; 46 in S7; 51 in S8 and 57 in S9.
Judges have given: Darcey 7; Craig 24; Len 74; Bruno 93.
Celebs: Ricky 28; Rachel 25; Harry 25; Kara 21; Lisa 20; Alesha 19; Chelsea 18; Pamela 17; Jason 12; Ali 11. So what does that tell us, bearing in mind only three winners feature in that?

This week's dances:
Paso Doble: Flouvia
Tango: Kisha
Charleston: Kicky
Rumba: Robisa
Samba: Vani
Argentine Tango: Michalie
Salsa: Brendleton
American Smooth: Jamise

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