Friday, 16 November 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two

Sofa, so good ...

Loved up Arfer on the sofa. "It's a bummer" says Artem, then presents Fern with a bouquet.

Zoe: "I feel like I shouldn't be here!" Everyone a bit teary.

"In a moment, Craig will be here to cheer us all up" says Zoe, to an ironic LOL in the studio.

Craig says what we all know: "If you enjoy a dance, you'll perform it so much better."

Flouvia's partnership, or lack of it, is why I'm not warming to them. They just don't have the closeness of other couples on the sofa.

"I'm saying that face to face, man to man, darling." Craig to Louis on the issues he needs to improve on.

Craig on Brendan's fall: "Brendan was an absolute joy, I can't tell you."

Zoe to Pasha "It's your first time in the bottom two!"
Pasha to Kimberley *meaningful look* "Yes." He was only kidding ...

"Could've been a mouse lifting an elephant" - Karen on Michalie. (It wasn't.)

How the hell does Zoe stand, let alone walk, in those shoes.

Denise, Ian and Zoe all winding up James!

"26 metres of tulle *squeaks* all ruffled up!" Mr. Exciteable, Julien McDonald, on Kimberley's dress.

Fern's salsa fringes were hand sewn by real live angels.

Billingsgate Market gets Strictlyfied!

Brendleton have a bicycle! And a Team GB inspired dress for Victoria.

Vincent, James and Brendan admit to, respectively, wearing fancy pants, tying the pro girls cloaks together and holding people back so they miss their cue. Bad boys!

Lisa almost won a topless Artem!

Zoe and Ian show how to volta.

Michael again looks so much smoother and more rhythmic in ballroom than Latin - he's going to get it eventually.

Karen the cat, hissing at Nicky.

There will be Men In Trunks at Wembley. And roller skates!

"(we got a)... Standing ovulation!" - Vincent

According to stats man Russell, there have now been 906 competitive dances in Strictly; the unluckiest, with more couples exiting on them, were samba (unsurprising) and charleston (very surprising!)

This weeks's dances:

American Smooth: Michalie; Flouvia
Salsa: Richin
Samba: Robisa; Kisha
Jive: Kicky
Charleston: Jamise
Quickstep: Vani
Paso Doble: Brendleton

We're all on the road to Wembley! Catch up with more gossip on the official It Takes Two website until we get there :)

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