Friday, 2 November 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two

On the sofa this week ...

Behind the scenes, Victoria on her Halloween dress: "Sampling ideas for my wedding next year - you don't know till you've tried it!"

Craig on Michalie's quickstep: "Just a joy ... in seventh heaven."

Consensus was, Vincent looked like Boris Johnson with that wig on.

Dani: "I feel so dizzy."

Vincent: "That's because you're dancing with me!"

How excitable in Julien Macdonald? Get him on the show next series! I love people who're so enthusiastic about their subject; I'm immediately more interested.

Lisa, on O'dur Robine: "My scents will just smell of chips and gravy!"

Both Artem and Louis want more flesh on show - theirs! I think they should get what they want *coughs*

Russell Grant, Statsman. Zoe asks: "Is it hard to see Flavia in the arms of another man?"
"Not really."

Michalie top with training hours so far on 197 1/2; Jamise demand a recount and they find today's wasn't included. "I've had Russell flogged" -  Zoe.

Brendan on Samba: "Toughest to learn; toughest to teach." But to learn it "Embrace the Womble!"

Tulip the meerkat  chooses Jamise to top the leaderboard.

Vernon Kay on Tess, Saturday night live: "I'm happy the moment she gets to the bottom of the stairs."

Sarah Millican: "I don't watch the results show so as far as I'm concerned they're all still dancing."

Zoe says she's a big fan of Colin; Sarah agrees. Zoe tells her his voice makes the sofa vibrate. Cue lots of saucy laughter. Sarah also likes how Louis always gets the "broken shirt!" and asks: "Do you always have to have a relationship with the male dancer?" "Yes, do you want to do the show now?" asks Zoe. "Yes" is the reply and Brendan volunteers himself!

Michael received a glittery cricket bat for his birthday this week.

Salsa: Kisha (Beyonce)
Samba: Brendleton (It's Not Unusual); Flouvia (Ricky Martin)
Tango: Robisa (Let's Get Together - Roxy Music)
Foxtrot: Richin (Hey, Big Spender); Michalie (Sweetest Feeling); Colina (Aretha)
Viennese Waltz: Jamise (At Last)
Jive: Vani (Olly Murs - Dance With Me Tonight)
Rumba: Kicky (Don't Wanna Miss a Thing)
Paso Doble: Arfer (proper matador music!)

Catch up with all the It Takes Two news on the official BBC website :)


  1. zoe said tonight that harry judd had been on the program this week which night ??/ missed it

  2. I think it was last Friday's panel :)

  3. Zoe is a great presenter, but should try being herself, not Claudia.She "steals" Claudia's act!
    Claudia has mystique, gravitas and mucho charisma, and although Zoe has her own special charm, she cannot interrupt and comment so stylishly!
    Otherwise, keep up the great presentation.

  4. Apart from Fern leaving. Saturday's show was the best yet. More claudia she is great.

  5. They really turning it on aren't they, in every department :)

  6. Zoe may I make a request may I have your silver tissue box when you have finished with it as I have just decorated my bedroom in silver and white. love everything about the show love Jean

  7. Oh, we could make our own - a old tissue box, copydex and silver glitter. Move aside Blue Peter!

  8. Nevermind the dancing. It goes without saying - it is thrilling. However, I was even more thrilled this evening to see that Claudia must be a member of the Miranda Hart Appreciation Society, as she galloped on stage. In fact Zoe, it never dawned on me until now, this is why you gallop down those stairs at the beginning of the show. Wouldn't it be great to see the finalist galloping to Bolero. Wow! That would make my day. Miranda's Read Chum

  9. Lol, that would be hilarious - a group dance of Zoe, Claudia and Miranda!

  10. Dear Zoe,
    On it takes two on Tuesday 11/12/12 was that the actress, Caroline Langrishe, in the butcher's shop. If it wasn't then she has a doppelganger. Love the show but think Dani and Vincent were undermarked in their dance fusion. Incidently I still think your samba and tango with Ian were wicked!!!!

  11. I was trying to think of her name - I'm sure Caroline Langrishe is exactly who she was - thank you! And totally agree re Zoe and Ian's samba and tango. And Show dance!


  13. Every year I feel bereft that it takes two is not on after the final. This year I'm already feeling the sadness and we're still 2 Saturdays away.

    1. i feel just the same. it would be nice to have one more it takes two after the final to talk to the winners and look at the winning dance

    2. It's all about closure isn't it, and how it seems unfair we don't get a final chat with the winners and a little highlights show- you'd think the Beeb would be well up for that :)

  14. now it all makes sense why craig has been ignoring how poorly lisa has been dancing for the last three dances - saying that her enthusuiam is what counts when with all the others its their technique - she is starring in a dance show next year written by craig called strictly confidential which is touring round the country - knew there was something fishy! lining his pockets is obviously more important than judging a dance competition fairly!!

  15. Thank goodness zoe has at last decided to wear a feminine pair of shoes to-night.Zoe your legs look FABULOUS.Please do not wear those awful shoes that make you look like you belong to the munsters.

  16. Am I the only one thinking that tonights votes from the judges were fixed to make sure denise makes it to the final

  17. I don't think anything was fixed, Denise's dances were my favourites after Kimberley's last night :)

  18. Is it an "Emporer's Clothes" scenario or am I crazy? For reasons known only to the judges and the producers, Lisa Riley stayed in far too long. She was energetic, surprisingly agile and enormously enthusiastic but how could the other dancers be marked on all of those things AND technical ability whilst Lisa was seemingly exempt from technical requirement. Bruno even said a technical assessment is impossible and yet still awarded an 8. Even Craig seems to have inexpicably mellowed. The judging this year has been a huge disappointment.

    So far as concerns DVO, so what if she went to theatre school? So did Kimberly and Dani. They all had dancing ability at the start. DVO may have had some stage experience but none of them in Ballroom or Latin.

    ps Katherine Jenkins must be destined for super stardom.

  19. Hi Lawrence, I think it was because Lisa can actually dance, in that she has rhythm and timing and a joy which came from the heart. But yes, technically not as strong. Totally agree with you re DVO and all the others in every series that had had stage school training; there's never been anyone actually trained in Latin and Ballroom - those that use "dance training" in that way presumably feel that Andy Murray would have an advantage in a table tennis competition!

  20. Zoe - It's standing ovation - not ovulation! that's something entirely different!!!

  21. were did Ian get his christmas jumper ?

  22. It was Vincent who starte the whole 'standing ovulation' thing, Zoe's just teasing him :)
    I wish I knew where Ian got his jumper, it looked very cosy!