Saturday, 17 November 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: Dancing Through The Decades

We're at that big arena place ... oh, you the one I mean. Yes, I think we can safely leave it unsaid, don't you ... loving all the frocks tonight, and another dose of Gangnam Style to get the crowd fired up. Like they need it!

Robisa were again my stars of the night, putting the fun into funky with their samba to Car Wash - which I didn't think would work but you know what - I'm smiling before they even begin. Love them to pieces. A great score still only leaves them 5th on the leader board in an exceptionally close night.

Kisha also dancing a samba, and likewise I wasn't keen on the song (Livin' La Vida Loca) - great for a salsa but exceptionally fast for a samba - they did an excellent job, Kimberley really knows how to sell it. "Hotter to the point of fusion; my core is imploding" - Bruno. Let's hope it's enough. Richin's salsa was the weakest of the night but even so, it was still a good performance, although I was completely distracted by the Men in Trunks. And not in a good way. Erin: "1-2-3 don't give me jelly arms."

A Jailhouse rock'n'roll jive from Kicky carried on the party mood; terrific attitude and performance from Nicky, he really let fly, if a little scrappy in places, while Bendleton's Paso Doble I enjoyed - I'd have preferred if they'd left the bike out of it but she had some nice lyrical shape, though it could've been a little stronger through the core.

Little folk doing the quickstep at Wembley - Mr and Mrs Consistent, Vani, and another great showing in a stylish and elegant quickstep with an excellent transition onto the centre piece. Vincent to Dani: "I couldn't do it without you" Dani: "Yes, you could." Vincent: "Yeah, I could." Jamise you just knew were going to score tens - they didn't put a foot, arm or head wrong in a stunning charleston routine, a little left of field than normal, with a modern pop song. Overall though, it really worked - and Denise is having such a good time. Which brings me onto the American Smooths ...

Louis! Really, everyone else at the beginning and at the end of the show are Having A God Time. And he's Mr Cool Straight Face. It pains me, it really does, I wanted so much to like him and see him do well but if he doesn't start looking like he's enjoying himself anytime soon, he's out. And at equal second from bottom, he could be the shocker in the Bottom Two this week. Flouvia's American Smooth wasn't. It was a quickstep with a modern twist that really didn't work for me at all. A bit stiff, tacky transitions, a change in music style made it very disjointed. Craig called it "refreshing"; Len was bewildered. I'm with Len.

Michalie's was the complete opposite. Traditional Frank Sinatra song, showbizzy and "put the oo in smooth" said Len. Michael said: "I'm just happy to be here each week" And there you have it - the attitude the public want: working hard, loving every minute and it shows. Let's hope I haven't just put the mockers on.

Score Board:
Jamise 39 = 9; Vani 36 = 8; Michalie 35 = 7; Kisha 34 = 6; Robisa 32 = 5; Kicky 30 = 4; Flouvia 30 = 4; Brendleton 24 = 3; Richin 24 = 3

Back tomorrow night for the results; relive the show tonight on the official BBC website till then :)

And the results are in - we bid farewell to Richin. No major shock in the dance off, where they were joined by Kicky, just one place up the leaderboard. A unanimous decision, with Craig, Darcey and Bruno all citing Nicky's exuberance, energy, content and power as the difference. Wasn't expecting the Westlife vote to dip this early though! And how cruel to leave Kisha so late!

Elsewhere, a candy floss 50s opening with bumper cars and Len "all trembley at Wembley"; facial expressions highlighted: Bruno homing in viciously on Tess and Claudia in the bumper car; Michael lifting Natalie; high flyers on the high wires, Craig, taking pics; Bruno petrified.

And what on earth were those two blokes with Kylie wearing? They looked like Helga from 'Allo 'Allo, in her more intimate moments with Herr Flick!


  1. Poor Richard - I'll miss his enthusiasm. Something Louis could do with a bit of! Glad it isn't just me that's annoyed by his lack of emotion!

    Loving Lisa - my jaw hit the floor when she did those splits at the end!

    Overall a great week. Getting to the business end though....fingers crossed for Dani, Lisa and Michael as far as I'm concerned :o)

  2. Very very close isn't it - with you on Lisa and Michael - and the Argentine Tango I think will be another good one for him :)