Sunday, 14 October 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: Strictly Come Nail-Biting!

Two ties on the scoreboard! At this stage of the competition when there aren't any obvious stand-out bad contestants, nail-biting doesn't get any bitier than this!

Last week's leaders, Robisa, brought us a gorgeous and elegant VW this week. With personality and joy in the dance, plus a wonderful partnership, I don't think they need to be worrying unduly. Joining them at the top of my leaderboard were Jamise with their sharp, fun and traditional jive, executed perfectly. Tutti-Fruttily terrific, full of attack and fun.

Talking of fun, Richin and Sola may not be the most technically proficient but I'm loving that they're loving it and throwing themselves into it. Richin's cha cha even got the singers doing the Mashed Potato with them, and Richard's little throwaway quips "You've got to throw a shimmy; it's Saturday night" and "I'm gonna need another one" (pointing to Erin in training) means he's growing on me. Sola already have a great partnership and his enthusiasm and that huge big grin at the end of his routine work for me.

Arfer's VW I thought particularly lovely - their partnership on the dance floor is wonderful and warm, while Kisha's foxtrot was moody and atmospheric - not being a dance teacher, I didn't understand what Len meant by "limp" although I noted the gapping. NimbleKimble's dress, along with Tess' and Denise's, were my favourites of the night, very incidentally! Colina's VW I enjoyed very much but I'm a little concerned as I don't think they've fully warmed up yet; he's quite quiet.

Onto a little Latin - which of course means Vani and while their salsa was a great effort, I'd have preferred one with a more fluid Latin feel. Terrific armography though and overall well done. Flouvia danced to probably my very first favourite song ever and I would have completely melted into it had Louis smiled throughout as Flavia did. He lights up when he does but saving it till the end of the dance is Not Enough!

Brendleton showed us what they can do, with a more than capable foxtrot, just a couple of wobbly turns needing work. Elegance and musicality and the additional confidence boost should bring them on again for next week. Kicky had a bit of a disaster, to be fair, with their cha cha more boy band than cha cha, as Len said. Far too soft in legs and body, bustin' some funky moves with enthusiasm but if he didn't have the Westlife army of fans on redial, I think he'd be in danger.

As it is, I think Michalie will be one partnership in the DreadedDanceOff, as that jive really was er, unusual?! They're a great team though and the ballroom showed potential - I'm wondering if they're allowed to dance the higher scoring of their two dances, which would make things even more difficult for the judges. Arry and Johniveta seem the likely other two at risk - but then, Anton has his army and Zoe's fans will be loyal, so who knows? As I said, there are no bad contestants, they've all got plus points that will find support.

The Leaderboard

Flouvia 27 + 30 = 57 = 14; Jamise 25 + 32 = 57 = 14; Robisa 30 + 25 = 55 = 13; Kisha 28 + 26 = 54 = 12; Vani 21 + 27 = 48 = 11; Sola 26 + 22 = 48 = 11; Colina 23 + 24 = 47 = 10; Arfer 19 + 24 = 43 = 9; Brendleton 16 + 26 = 42 = 8; Richin  22 + 19 = 41 = 7; Johniveta 17 + 20 = 37 = 6; Arry 18 + 18 = 36 = 5; Kicky 17 + 18 = 35 = 4; Michalie 20 = 15 = 35 = 4.

Back in a bit! Results on now - full gossip and news on the Strictly website here.

Results Show: Johniveta voted out!

Johnny Ball and partner Iveta Lukosiute are the first couple to leave Series 10 of Strcitly Come Dancing, after the judges voted unanimously to save Richard Arnold and Erin Boag (Team Richin).

Both couples were more nervous, with Richin's cha cha lacking the energy of the first time and Johniveta less certain. However, basing their decision purely on content and, in Darcey's case, confidence, Richin are through to dance in next week's Hollywood extravaganza.

Was that a shock, Richin being in the Dance Off? I'm quite shocked - audience complacency or the camp act not as appealing as it was with Russell Grant? Or something else?

Brilliant opening to the show too, with the pro dancers Light Versus Shade; Ballroom Versus Latin dance off routine now one of my favourite of all time; stunning.

Strictly Hollywood next week! Just when you thought the show couldn't get more blingier! Till then :)


  1. Felt very sorry for Johnny - he seemed to be really enjoying it and I would have liked him to stay a little longer.

    My favs at the moment are Lisa, Sid and Colin, though I think the latter is going to have major height issues in the ballroom dances! :o/

    I liked Kimberley's Foxtrot as well, but it did seem a bit like she was struggling to keep up and it felt to me like it couldn't decide whether it was a Foxtrot or a Viennese Waltz. Agree with you about the dress though - gorgeous! Loved Victoria's as well actually :o)

    Bring on Hollywood next week!! :o)

  2. They're a good bunch, no-one in there I haven't taken to really. But agreeing with you (once again!) on Sid, Lisa and Colin - and thought Denise was stunning in that jive. Need another couple of weeks to shake them all out and see the contenders emerge :)

    1. Thoroughly enjoyed Strictly this years series is somehow the best. Kimberley Walsh is fantastic and former Emmerdale star Lisa Riley is top of the pops. The judges are thoroughly entertaining to watch. I wish Cheryl Cole would sign up for Strictly in 2013. She'd be good just like Kimberley Walsh. Roll on Saturday. Sid Owen was lovely and so was Ola Jordan.

  3. With you on all that Cheryl! A terrific bunch this year, it's going to be really tough deciding who to vote for :)