Sunday, 21 October 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: Thirteen go to Tinsel Town

... but only 12 will come back!

You have to feel sorry for the couples who don't have such iconic songs to dance to - when we think Hollywood, we tend to think the Busby Berkeley era don't we, (well, I do) perfectly encapsulated by the opening pro dance, or the big blockbuster dance movies. So Sola, with a Tango to Whitesnake - Here I Go Again, which is a great rousing song - were never going to compete, sadly, with the showbizzy quicksteps or Flouvia's Dirty Dancing salsa swede to Time of My Life, which hooked me into them for the first time this series. The mood and and attitude were made for Louis. Very sexily arrogant and what about that flying split jump? "Like Concorde taking off" said Bruno. Gasps of shock though, as Louis is outed as never having seen the original, but then, as he says, Flavia hasn't even seen Transformers 3!

Gorgeous foxtrots from Jamise and Vani, both beautifully danced. Jamise with lovely swing and sway to 'You've Got a Friend in Me' and Vani captivating to 'Over the Rainbow', with Vincent particularly looking so in the moment. Brucie told Dani not to worry about clearing up after the dog, he's done it - and deposited the poo bag on Bruno's desk, who seemed to think it was real and wheeled away. Len threw it along to Craig, who offed it into the audience. Bruno cracks me up.

Those showbizzy quicksteps were a joy: Kisha topped my chart with their razzle-dazzling routine to 'Get Happy', while Kicky, apart from the bent knees, finally lived up to potential, channelling Nicky's inner Jim Carrey to the fabulous 'Hey Pachuco' from The Mask. Richin performed a bright and breezily to 'Nine to Five' and, as Jerry said, Arry's QS was "one for HRT" - her posture still needs work but it was much better than last week. Loved that they played on her previous role as Mrs Robinson, allowing her and Anton to have a lot of fun with it.

Colina's Argentine Tango to Goldeneye "only doing two lifts... cos You Only Lift Twice" (Brucie) was credible and thankfully, completely different to Mark and Karen's in feel and performance, sticking with the Spy theme as opposed to Dirty Gaucho theme, with exceptional partnering by Colin. I do think they could've chosen a different song though, as my mind kept travelling back to series 4. Craig really liked it: "Full of authority, full of dominance which I absolutely loved. I adored the lifts, thought they were spectacular and you really went for it; fantastic."

Robisa impressed again, with a jive to 'Hanky Panky' from Dick Tracey, a real feel good factor, she has great timing and musicality - Len called her a "A great big bundle of joy".  Arfer's charleston to Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious was fun if a little sedate and Spit Spot-On for characterization: "Hollywood into Jollygood" said Len but Darcey? "I don't think her mic is on" said Brucie. "She's saying I'm fabulous" quipped Fern!

Brendleton were doing so well until that bloody dress got in the way! Some lovely rumba lines but still needs to believe in herself more "I see an actress emerging" - Craig. Len to Bruno, who criticized: "You're talking nonsense and now you're touching me as well!" Michalie's cha cha has some good basics in it so it's a shame they elected to play more instead of dance - he possibly would have scored higher with more basic content. Even with the prop malfunction at the end: "I nearly went flying on that chair ... would've been the best bit!" - Michael.

Scoreboard: Jamise 32 = 13; Flouvia 30 = 12; Kisha/Vani/Robisa 29 = 11; Kicky 27 = 10; Colina 26 = 9; Richin 25 = 8; Arfer 23 = 7; Brendleton 22 = 6; Michalie 19 = 5; Arry 18 = 4; Sola 17 = 3

Anyone safe? I think probably the top 5, maybe 6, but everyone below that is in danger - I'd say we could be in for a shock but there's no obvious contender for the chop, so it's going to be sad whatever the outcome. Only four hours to go but if you can't wait that long, re-visit the routines on the official BBC website. Back later!

Fabulous opening to the results show, with Series 6 champion Tom Chambers and the cast of Top Hat tap dancing us to heaven, following a wonderful quickstep from Anton and Erin to Let's Face the Music and Dance.

Behind the scenes with Claudia - James lifting Vincent, Dirty Dancing style. Claudia to Michael: "What do the cricket boys think of you dressing up?" "They all dress up anyway!" Claudia gets the big lift from Louis. Snapshot of those moving splits by Kimberley, very well done.

Safe: Kisha; Flouvia; Kicky; Sola; Colina; Vani.
Dance off: Arry

Claudia to Sid: "You were so emotional" Sid's reply: "I'm a nit of a wuss."
Len's Lens - Betty the dog's impressive footwork; Bruno critiquing the Tin Man's entrance: "Limp. Lacklustre. Listless. Dull. You didn't spot when you turned. Footwork poor. Placement disgusting. No posture whatsoever."

Safe: Jamise; Arfer; Robisa; Brendleton - she'd nicked his hat to hide her tears, fearing the worst.
Dance off: Michalie. Richard in shock.

Dionne Warick singing Always Something There to Remind Me, accompanied by Pasha and Iveta with a ballroom Latin mix. For a moment, the spotlight made it look like Dionne was wearing thigh length black boots. Get in there, girl, I thought, You're never too old *thumbs through catalogue*

The Dreaded Dance Off: Arry still made me smile; Michalie were more in time. Over to the judges: Craig - both improved slightly, encouraging - Michalie; Darcey - both nervy - Michalie; Bruno - mistakes by both - Michalie; Len - neither impressed, really difficult - Michalie.

So it's Arriverderci Arry, as Jerry and Anton take to the floor for You've Lost That Loving Feeling.

Halloween next week! *WooOOOooooOOOooo* 


  1. Agree with pretty much everything you've put here Scatty (with my objective hat on) :o) Poor song choice and choreography for Sid's Tango really let him down I think :o/

    Nice to see Victoria improving and she's starting to grow on me as is Jerry who is saved by having a sense of humour about her self :o)

    Still not feeling the love for Louis, Fern or Denise, but there's still time I suppose. Louis still seems expresionless in his face to me!

    Loving Lisa, Kimberley and Colin at the moment, though i'm a little worried about the lack of training from the latter. I don't want to hear any moaning about not having time to train Colin! You shouldn't have signed up if you couldn't commit! And if I remember past series correctly, the audience at home won't stand for that either :o/

    Bring on Halloween week! :o)

  2. So far, they've managed to avoid too much whinging which is fab! I love Halloween week, can't wait!

  3. So disappointing this year = the professionals should give the celebs more dance moves. i LOVE Kristina but Colin appeared to be a prop this week for kristina to perform around. whilst i am having a winge - should we really have to suffer the pathetic "training" footage that was shown halloween week? Well done Michael Vaughn

    Gill 27/10/12

  4. The judges comments must demoralise the celebs,please bring back Alesha dixon. congrats to Michael vaughn and keep up the good work Flavia.

    Mike G 27/10/12

  5. Sometime they do sacrifice the dancing for gimmicks don't they, which can be quite frustrating - Crag promises they want technique this week though Gill :)
    Glad I'm not the only one who was a fan of Alesha, Mike. Although Darcey is doing better than I thought, I miss the Mutley laugh!