Sunday, 28 October 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: Night of the Living Sportstars

Yes, tonight was the night our three sporting superstars finally came to life. Ok, Louis was almost there but I needed more expression and the tango to Rihanna's Disturbia brought out the best in him. Great routine, plenty of movement, nifty footwork and character, I loved it. Great storytelling and a top score of 35 (three 9s) saw Flouvia at the top of the board.

Close behind, another excellent tango but this one from Brendleton, to Billy Idol's White Wedding, easily Victoria's best. Great performance and technicality - she spotted properly and only one tiny little moment. As Bruno put it: "Haunting beauty with a hint of madness". Very strong, Brendan must be thrilled! 31 put them equal second on the leader board, with our third, previously struggling cricketer, Michael. A brilliant quickstep, lots of movement, light footwork, bright and lively - Bravo! He's definitely a ballroom boy - Michalie's top score and let's hope they and Brendleton can build on these massive confidence boosting routines.

Non sporty peeps, Robisa, were also my favourites of the night, with a smashing charleston - who cares about the swivel? I enjoyed every second - her timing and musicality is so good and they're so much fun.

Cha Cha wise, Vani's Scooby Dooby Doo song seemed rather slow, although the routine was actually fast - and a cameo from Anton. Bruno said Vincent looked like Denise Welch, which thankfully didn't distract from the overall performance. Loved the attitude and theatrical performance from Jamise to Superfreak "Kinky and slinky" - Bruno. Alas, Sola, considering they had one of the best Halloween themed songs ever, failed to really ignite - Sid seems so worried. He needs to let go and recapture that joy he began with.

Kisha and Richin with a couple of decent, traditional Paso Dobles - Richard with good characterization, just needing a bit more drive to match the Omen/Old Spice music (O Fortuna from Carmina Burana in real life) and Kimberley impressive with strong shaping, attack and intent and a great story to Hungry Like The Wolf.

Kicky was given a Bruno "rooster with a booster" comment to their nice traditional tango, with a few original touches, while Arfer got the seemingly obligatory Queen song (which did for Katya and Dan in the Hollywood show last year)  this one, Killer Queen for their American Smooth and it did need a bit more attack but was very well danced. Colina and a Stevie Wonder special 'Superstition' which was always going to be a popular song choice for me, but not a salsa, sadly. Too funky and not Latin enough so I found this a little disjointed in places. Which frustrates me because I so want them to do well. Very groovy, lots of lifts - but I'm sensing they're not getting much basic training time in.

Loving the mass Gangnam Style at the beginning, they managed to make it seem completely impromptu!

Scoreboard: Flouvia 35 = 12; Brendleton 31 = 11; Michalie 31 = 11; Kisha 31 = 11; Jamise 28 = 10; Vani 27 = 9; Robisa 26 = 8; Kicky 26 = 8; Colina 24 = 7; Richin 22 = 6; Arfer 21 = 5; Sola 17 = 4

No point worrying tonight - somebody popular with both judges and public is going to go from now on in! See all the dances again on the official BBC website while you await the results :)

Results are in!

But first up, a fab gothic Toxic routine from the Pro dancers, and get Claudia – how nice to not see her in her oversized bin liner and in a wonderful lacy leggings-come-dress! I want one.

Safe: Flouvia; Brendleton; Kisha; Robisa; Michalie – whoop, all my faves this week safely through!
Dance off: Sola

Len’s Lens: Craig, Darcey and Bruno doing Thriller; Len singing along to Robisa; Lisa’s pure joy in the dance; Darcey’s reaction to Louis. Again! Richard’s Paso face; Bruno’s reaction to Michalie – to the audience – what’s happening?! Bruce and Tess, going for it, Gangnam Style!

Safe: Richin; Vani; Jamise; Kicky; Arfer. The relief of Fern, although “In a way ... I have got a big pile of ironing” (Clauds offered!)

It’s Colina versus Sola!
Both nervy and make mistakes, Colina particularly, but it’s Sid and Ola who lose out - although their overall performance was better than first time around -  when Craig, Darcey and Bruno all vote to save Colina. Len pointed out Colin’s mistakes and would have saved Sola.

Sayonara Sola, see you on the ITT sofa on Monday.


  1. I was sad with the outcome tonight - may not have been a great dancer but I liked him :o(

    Michael and Victoria were my favourites on the night (which I never thought I'd say!). Both fantastic routines and well danced, although I'm with you re Superstition as song choice Scatty. Fantastic song! :o)

    Colin just didn't seem to be with it this week. Poorly danced and I was a bit confused as to why he wasn't dressed up or at least had a bit of make-up on for Halloween?! As he was the only one with no Halloween connection in his costume etc he stood out like a sore thumb :o/

    Hoping Lisa will be doing some Ballroom next week as it'd be nice to see her doing something other than Latin.

    Can't believe next week is week 5! Time is flying by!

  2. Oh, behave, week 5! That's cos we're having too much fun :D