Thursday, 25 October 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two

Sofa so good ...

Betty (Toto) made her telly debut in Eastenders!

"Next to Team Vani, Betty looks like a Great Dane" - James

Denise: "I said to use a hamster."

"I was sad to leave but my kids are delighted - the refrigerator was always empty!" - Jerry

Anton: "You are my friend for life - whether you want to be or not!"

"She slunk like a panther down the stairs and went Bang!" Craig on Lisa.

Craig on Nicky's bent quickstep legs: "He looked like he'd pooped himself!"

Vincent: "Betty the dog looked a bit like me ... like a little brother from another mother."

"Magic ruby sho ...slip...sho... magic ruby slippers! In your face!" - Vincent

Robin showing off in high heels, but not so much when Lisa forgot to bow her head for the leap frog *Ouch*

"Iveta is so different from Ola, it's like being on holiday" - Sid
"It's an Oladay" - Zoe
Iveta likes a bit of animal print!

Wardrobe will be doing 60 costume fittings tomorrow!

Karen, inspiring Nicky: "Oh my God, I just gave a speech from Braveheart."

The dances:
Paso Doble: Kisha; Richin
American Smooth: Arfer (to Killer Queen, with mirrorography)
Cha Cha: Jamise; Vani; Sola (to Ghostbusters!)
Tango: Brendleton; Flouvia; Kicky
Charleston: Robisa
Quickstep: Michalie
Salsa: Colina

Keep an eye on the news, gossip and clips on the official It Takes Two website.

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