Saturday, 20 October 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two

On the ITT sofa this week ...

Pecs appeal - James versus Nicky (Man versus Boy!)

Zoe received Richard's quiff with appreciation. I lie, she received it delicately between two fingers and called for it to be taken away and destroyed.

"When your fishnets are as shredded as your nerves..." Richard on Erin's almost wardrobe malfunction.

Fern: "We laughed for a couple of ... seconds?"
Artem: "One and a half."

Amazing leg extensions from Fern!

Mum's Organic Baked Beans, now with added Flavia, just for Louis. They're dancing mambo stylee to The Time of My Life on Saturday - and there will be crash mats in attendance!

Choreography Corner: Karen - "Jamise's jive was better than the Halfpenny's" *Shock Horror* and "Sid was living the Shakira DVD dream"

Waite's Wednesday Warm Up - impressive lovely lines from Dani; Colina AT - Bond theme (Goldeneye - will draw inevitable comparisons though, with Mark and Karen) Ian, on Michael's cha cha hands: "He looks like he's bowling a maiden over" Zoe: "Do you even know what that means?" Ian: "No idea."

Zoe on Ian tech-speak: "Just pretend we know what he's talking about!"

Ian on Lisa wearing boots to train in: "I don't like them, they're pink. I don't like the colour."

Anton on Arry's QS, trying to please the judges: "We're working on the posture and not bothering with any steps ."

Jerry, on Anton's army of female fans: "I felt like an accessory. I was his feather boa constrictor. It's like the days with the Stones, I had to mark my territory."

Brendleton role reversal - Victoria bench pressing Brendan outside TV Centre. The Zoe making him cycle in a gold, sequinned helmet, him collapsing on the floor and her jumping on him to administer the kiss of life!

"Her singing is atrocious but it keeps me in sync." Michael on Natalie's new found method of helping him get  it.

Michaale's two Strictly ambitions - a se-ven off Len and Bruce telling him "You're my favourites" One down, one to go!

James getting 32 grapes in his mouth!

Anton looking like Woody from Toy Story freaks out Zoe.

"Just because he can't do them himself; his double chins gets in the way" Vincent on Craig criticizing their salsa lifts.

There will be a real life Toto in the studio for Vani's 'Over the Rainbow' foxtrot!

"What girl does not want to dress up as Madonna on a Saturday night?" Lisa on Robisa's Dick Tracey jive.

Robin, on Lisa's foot woes: "I've spent most of my life with corns."

Jimmy the meerkat picks out Kisha to top score!

Friday Panel: Dionne Warwick, Rufus Hound and Nancy Dell'Olio. Zoe introduces Dionne, new album; Rufus, new stage show and Nancy, panto for you? *Quizzical look* "No."

Zoe, on Flouvia's salsa: "Dionne, can anyone recreate the magic of Swayze and Grey?"
Dionne *beat* "No."

Rufus on Richin's cha cha: "If you looked at his shirt and crossed your eyes slightly and imagined looking through it, you could see a sail boat."

Dionne Warwick giggling at every Rufus Hound joke.

Zoe asking Dionne about Colin: "He's hot!" Zoe: "I'll tell  him." Dionne: "So will I."

Eight types of dance this week:

Quickstep: Kicky; Richin; Arry; Kisha - who have 'Get Happy'
Tango: Sola -  Ola: "What's after 4?" Sid "5?" Ola: "Yes, good!"
Salsa: Flouvia - that big lift is in!
Cha Cha: Michalie - "I can't believe they didn't le me do the jive again!"
Foxtrot: Jamise; Vani
Jive: Robisa
Rumba: Brendleton
Charleston: Arfer - to Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!
Argentine Tango: Colina

More news and gossip on the official BBC website here.

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