Thursday, 11 October 2012

Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two

Little nuggets on the It Takes Two sofa so far this week...

Darcy's very appreciative reactions throughout Louis's cha cha.

"I'm the fat one and he's more out of breath than me!" Lisa on Robin.

Zoe "Look at those cha cha choo choo roo gos or whatever they are."

Artem's gone soft; Natalie is sneakily clever.

Victoria has got to think of Brendan as her bicycle.

"That's the hardest part of the routine; we'll have to do it again." Lisa on the body rub down Robin.

The cha cha is a wine bar; the VW is the library.

Karen: "Footwork is the foundation of movement."

James: "I wanted someone who knows what winning is all about."
Denise: "So did I!"

Vincent has the best pants.

Iveta: "The BBC is the most organised company I've ever worked for." #welovebbc
Johnny: "She's looking foxy and I'm trotting behind."

Breaking news Thursday - Aliona will be out for another four weeks but is pencilled in for the Christmas show.

"Your voice has made my sofa shake!" Zoe to Colin

More breaking news - Denise has got whiplash from jive practice!

Louis: "I need to loosen up a bit" and minces along.
Flavia: "Not girlyfied though."

On their first night: "I was sweating like Judith Chalmers** without her passport!" Richard.

"I never would've given him a camp waltz. Not on purpose." Erin.

Richard's the most tactile man ever "Compared to Anton, Richard's like Superglue!" Erin.

This week's dances:

Viennese Waltz
Colina; Robisa; Arfer; Flouvia.

Johniveta; Kisha; Arry; Brendleton

Cha Cha
Kicky; Richin.

Jamise; Michalie.

Vani; Sola.

Lots of clips and catch ups on the BBC website!

** Showing his age. Google her.


  1. absolutely love strictly, it takes two and Zoe, however it's all getting bit too manic and there is too much shouting and Zoe's speech is getting rather fast.

    shame because as I said before I do love all the strictly programmes.

  2. Me too, I'll forgive them anything! :)

  3. where did Zoe Ball get her sparkly trousers on the Halloween episode?

  4. I wish I knew, I wouldn't mind a pair!