Friday, 20 July 2012

Superstar: Tim and Niall leave the show

I'm in catch up mode at the moment, on account of this - the day job, having to go to all the Rochester Castle Concerts (Alexander O'Neal and Billy Ocean tonight. Someone's got to do it!) so I'm reviewing from the website.

And how bad do I feel, I, who has voted for Niall every night. I go out and look what happens? Sorry Niall. But before he left, it was Tim's turn, having faced David in the Sing Off. So distraught was our Lord, he changed the elimination to the end of the show instead of the beginning!

They sang The Long and Winding Road, with Andrew deciding with his producer's hat on: David was saved.

The group song was Viva La Vida and another impressive turn as a group. Niall went first in the solos, with, I thought, a strong performance of One. I think it's the judges comments that done for him. Rory's version of Roxanne I wasn't too impressed with, and not surprised to see him join Niall at the bottom. It lacked expression. In fact, I almost fast forwarded, having got a bit bored.

David handled the pressure superbly, a gutsy performance of One Day Like This. Jon was better than the night before, with I Won't Let You Go - lay off the falsetto though! Ben with This Love was another good interpretation, he's a good each way bet. Nathan with How To Save Your Life was captivating - exactly what I needed to hear, very subtle, less is more, softly softly, with just an itsy bitsy scream.

Roger and Here I Go Again I'd place in the same bracket as Tim's Dream On and Jeff's Kiss From A Rose - good performances but whether it's the tiredness kicking in or because I'm watching this mid afternoon, I'm not feeling the same buzz from many.

Last night's performances I found similarly lacklustre, with the notable exception of Nathan, again, with Ain't No Sunshine. Gorgeous interpretation. I didn't like the group number, Livin' on a Prayer sounded like they were struggling big time - it maybe my laptop speakers. Jeff wasn't raw enough with Satisfaction, Rory was nice with Fix You. Ben is Mr Consistent, Fast Car he nailed. Roger did Rolling in the Deep with controlled passion, while Jon with Feel may be on dodgy ground. He's the opposite of Ben, one night good, one night bad.

Apart from a couple of bum notes though, I still love Niall's voice - and he was one of the best actors in it, as demonstrated with Wherever You Will Go. Sadly not enough to save him, he did leave with praise from Andrew, who confided that a West End producer had called him about our lovely Niall and  saying that he'd make a great Marius in Les Mis.

I'll hope to get tonight's show on during a break in my life tomorrow!

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