Monday, 16 July 2012

Superstar - first live performances set a high standard

We started on Saturday with the elimination of 10 more hopefuls and a first but sadly, last, glimpse of Seamus, 40.

Twenty left and after a pleasant time in Majorca, singing for Andrew with just a guitar to accompany, they're hit with a 25 hour coach trip back to Blighty to test their stamina - they've to sing again, this time with a full live rock band, upon their return. From there, Andrew deliberates and calls them in to bestow the good tidings, or not.

Safely through go Dirk; Roger; Nathan; Afnan; David; Niall; Rory; Ben; Tim and Jeff. In a surprise twist, The Lord puts Jon through too, as a reward for his hard work and commitment to the team during rehearsals for the live shows. He'd previously been named as reserve, should any of the top 10 drop out. I think the phrase 'Made Up' applies...

Onto Sunday and they open the show with the title track of the show: They need charisma and passion and be able to rock it out but also be tender. And they do - they can all emote, act, sing and all have stage presence and charisma. Even Amanda can't upstage them with her big entrance ...

David sings Forget You - he's got a cheeky thing going on so it's likely we won't. Terrific vocal on a tough song choice. Dawn said "Excellent tight trousers" Andrew said "oozed charisma"; Dirk with Make You Feel My Love grew into it, a lovely warm tone, a little shaky to begin. Mel called him a gentle soul, Andrew said he needs to act more; Nathan surprises with Sign Your Name, full of controlled attack. Jason called him sexy and sensual, Mel said he's one of the best vocalists she's ever heard; Ben draws the difficult Somebody That I Used to Know and began well - it may be the arrangement didn't suit but I found it a little screechy. Mel called it dynamic but Andrew would liked to pick up on the emotion more. Niall has a very strong vocal but is also emotive and vulnerable with Stay. Gorgeous. Andrew wanted to say "Curl Power" to Mel, but Niall had cut his hair. Jason called it sincere and believable.

Half way through and it's Tim next with a great vocal on a funky Stone Cold Sober. Dawn didn't expect to see him smoulder, Andrew says *cliche alert* he's what the show is all about. Roger commanded your attention with his interpretation of Whiter Shade of Pale, class. Dawn said he had extraordinary presence; Andrew said he'd sound amazing with Tim (Minchin, playing Judas.) Jon with Since You've Been Gone was great on the chorus although a little quiet on the verses - but I can hear a theatre voice there. Jason told him he blew the audience away; Andrew said it's wonderful to have you on the show. Afnan sings Next To Me - lovely voice, would have liked something a bit meatier. Andrew agrees, need to see more grit. Charismatic Jeff with Red was lovely, powerful yet subtle and note perfect. Mel said magic happens when he's in the moment. Rory gives a great rocking performance of Are You Gonna Go My Way, owning the stage. Personality and perfect vocal. Dawn called him a firecracker, Andrew called him fantastic and wonderful.

All extremely strong - see the performances again here and tune in again tonight for Night 2 - they're mimicking the tour by staging the love show nightly. And the first elimination will be at the start of tonight's show!

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