Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Superstar: The Final Cometh!

Yes, it's tonight at 9pm and our Jesus Christ Superstar crowned will be either Ben, Rory or Roger.

But first, cast your minds back to Friday and the double elimination episode, which resulted in Jeff and Jon leaving the competition, after The Lord saved Roger following their rendition of Could We Start Again Please. Both put in good performances, especially Jeff, a proper rocker although I felt the screams were a little week. The energy for Whole Lotta Love was terrific and a great performance which earned a standation from the panel. Jon had some nice moments with Still Haven't Found but overall it was just that, nice. Thought Andrew was a bit unfair though.

Roger, although not 100% (and it showed in the sing off) melted almost everybody with Feeling Good. Dawn French cracks me up; they need her on every reality show panel. Ben was Cold as Ice - I wouldn't like to have been in the shoes of the person he was singing about. Brrrr. Another standation earned.

Rory was much more expressive and vocally supreme with Silenced by the Night, while David silenced me with Apologize - I just love watching him totally sing me the story. It's like Jackanory** set to music. Nathan was in his element with Sweet Child of Mine. Another standation and destined to be a star I think, he doesn't miss a beat.

They all hast a blast with Pinball Wizard to open the show; had everyone bouncing around in their seats *groan*

** A children's TV storytelling show with celebrity narrators back in the day ...

Onto Monday and no surprise really, that Nathan went. After the comments from Andrew and a VT of him talking about himself versus the others' VTs of them working with the backstage people, it was a no brainer.

It all started well enough, with We Are Young showing them all so at home on the stage. Nathan himself, got us under way with a damn fine version of Born This Way leaving me scratching my head at first, trying to place the song. Rock Gospel, inspired. But why tweet a pic of yourself in a crown of thorns. We know it's a tongue in cheek joke, Nathan, but Some People Take Things Far Too Seriously - so why risk it?

Roger injected soul into classic Brit Pop song Handbags and Gladrags, causing Dawn to surrender herself unto him once more. David was impressive, with possibly my favourite performance by him of Too Close. He's already a God. It's an advert Mel, even I've heard of it, come on.

Rory wasn't Under Pressure at all, he well and truly got me there. Fabulous. Ben, as ever, stunned with another massive performance - as Dawn said, turning It Must Have Been Love, an 80s film sountrack pop song into a James Bond theme.

They sang Greatest Day with Gary Barlow before we confirmed what we knew already - Nathan in the bottom two, with Roger, singing Love Changes Everything. And we have our semi final four.

And what a fantastic semi final it was! From the opening group number of What's The Buzz, each of them performed out of their skin.

Rory was pure and brilliant, like a tin of Dulux white, as he entranced us with Something in the Air Tonight; Ben just needed a bright light around his hair, so awe inspiring was his version of Run; Roger was rawwwwww and way Too Hard to Handle, like a black Tom Jones but 30 years younger. If ever a performance would see him out of the bottom two, this was it. Electrifying. David had to follow that lot and for me, he totally did, giving us his own unique and special take on Macy Gray's I Try, superbly acted and vocally perfect. A triumph.

No Matter What was the sing off song choice and at this stage it was anybody's game - the general feeling was that we'd see Roger there again but no! He was sent straight through with Ben and it was Rory versus David. Rory's arenability won out for him - but The Lord is tempted to do a run of Sunset Boulevard and David would be his first casting decision.

An exciting final lies ahead, although the favourite would have to be Ben, the only one never to be in the bottom two. 9pm tonight, ITV1 - catch up with all the performances here.

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