Thursday, 26 July 2012

Superstar: Ben wins the crown of thorns

Ben Forster has won the title role in the forthcoming arena tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's Jesus Christ Superstar.

In an emotional final last night, in which all three finalists fluffed up at some point, Ben's solo performance of Who Wants To Live Forever false started as he missed his cue. However, he recovered with a stunning vocal, full of passion and strength, to put the pressure onto Roger and Rory.

Rory chose a favourite of mine, I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, but I don't think it showed him at his best, not quite as smooth as usual and without the impact of the night before. With Dawn hanging onto every note, Roger had me, her and Mel all smiling soppily with a lovely, warm performance of Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me with even a couple of duff notes not detracting overall.

Definitely all feeling the pressure then, when it was time for the Gethsemane test, the famously difficult solo from the show, requiring a massive range, stamina and emotional depth. After the happy clappy opening of Hosanna, this is the one they wanted spot on. It was, including the three sweetest screams in the whole competition. All of them nailed it, while at the same time sounding so individual.

Multiple standations occurred, including for Mel who performed I Don't Know How To Love Him, accompanied by Andrew. I wouldn't say she was the greatest vocalist but it was rocky with a soft edge, with power and doubt in equal measure.

With Roger announced in third place - they could''ve shortened the programme by ten minutes and just announced the winner really, I always think singling one out is a bit unfair - Ben and Rory were practically exploding with anticipation when Amanda finally proclaimed Ben the winner.

Talking of Amanda, wasn't it nice that she got into the whole spirit of the thing by wrapping herself in silver foil, like an oven ready turkey? Or a cracker if I'm being less bitchy. Loved her hair though.

Ben will now join Mel and Andrew for rehearsals, with the tour set to begin in London, at the O2 on 21st September.

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